Spain: Opposition Party PP Wins Absolute Majority In Elections


Spain’s opposition the Popular Party (PP), led by Mariano Rajoy, won an absolute majority in Sunday’s parliament elections, according to Spanish media.

The PP has won an absolute majority in Parliament, where it will hold 187 seats out of the possible 350 seats, with just over 63% of the votes counted, according to local media reports.

If this holds true, then Rajoy’s party will have more seats than that attained by José María Aznar in 2000 with 183 seats.

For its part, the Socialist party, PSOE, led by Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, only has obtained 110 seats, being that party’s worst result since 2000 when it won 125 seats, according to media reports.

The PP was widely expected to win Sunday’s elections, on the back of a disastrous economy and Europe’s highest unemployment rate at over 21%.

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