Egypt: Salafi Party Calls To Respect Peace Accord With Israel


Officials in the Egyptian Salafi party “Nur”, expressed its. willingness to sit down with Israel under certain conditions. This Islamist party surprised many after coming second to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party during the first two rounds of parliamentary elections,

There is no violation of the Shariah (Islamic rules) by doing it. explained Dr. Yusri Hamad, spokesman for the party. He was asked to comment about media reports about Israel’s desire to open direct channels with Nur Party, after it gained 25% of seats in the first and second rounds of the elections. According to Hamad, the party didn’t get any request from Israel, adding that all contacts should be made by the foreign ministry.

Hamad stressed that Egypt must respect international treaties must be respected. He added that this is not a personal opinion of party leader Dr. Emad Abdul Ghafoor, but reflects the party’s policy.

Earlier Abdul Ghafoor told the media, “We must respect the treaties signed by Egypt. However, there are many articles in the peace treaty (with Israel), which has not been activated, such as solving the Palestinian issue and the right for self-determination and self-government and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the Palestinian territory. Many articles must be activated so that the Palestinian people would benefit from the peace process. ”

He stressed that diplomatic relations with Israel are mainly dependent on the interest of Egypt and the Arab world.

It should be mentioned that Egypt was the first Arab country to recognize Israel and got under the peace treaty concluded in 1979, billions of dollars in annual U.S. aid. Abdul Ghafoor conveyed: “We support all the interests of Egypt and the Arab world, One can not stick with fixed provisions because politics require changes…towards any state, whether it is Israel or not Israel. Policies are based on changes according to interests.”

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