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Hezbollah Ready For Battle, Warns Israeli Air Force Chief‏


Israel’s Air Force (IAF) chief warned Wednesday that the Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah was preparing to battle the Jewish State, according to an Israeli counterterrorism source.


The terrorist group leaders are blaming Israel for a mysterious blast that leveled a Hezbollah-owned weapons warehouse in southern Lebanon. The facility reportedly contained long-range missiles capable of striking targets throughout Israel and the most of the Middle East, said the source who is a former U.S. police official.

“Anyone who goes to sleep with rockets needs to understand that it is a very unsafe place,” Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel said, according to Israel National Radio.

Israel’s intelligence community believes that Hezbollah possesses upwards of 50,000 rockets of varying types and ranges hidden in villages, farms and other sites throughout areas adjoining Lebanon’s southern border, said the Law Enforcement Examiner’s Israeli source.

While Hezbollah claims Israel is behind the explosion which echoed across the border, Israeli officials have so far not commented on the accusation or on the event which destroyed rockets that the Lebanese-based, Iranian-backed terrorist group had threatened to fire at multiple targets within Israel.

In October, four Syrians were killed in another mysterious blast which leveled another weapons site in the town of Baalbek, Lebanon.


Regarding the rebellion in neighboring Syria and the possible use of chemical and biological weapons by either President Assad or the radical Islamists, Gen. Eshel said that the IAF was prepared for numerous scenarios in the wake of the ouster of al-Assad including defensive measures against the use of non-conventional weapons.

Jim Kouri

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