Sri Lanka Won’t Allow Foreign Companies To Enter Into Gem Mining Industry


Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena says he will not allow foreign companies to enter into gem mining industry in the country.

“During the time I was the Common Candidate for the Presidential Election, the people requested me not to let the foreign companies mine gems in Sri Lanka. After I was elected as the President, I took every action to stop such mining by foreign companies as soon as I got to know about those,” Sirisena said.

Sirisena made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the National Gem and Jewelry Exhibition, held today (Dec. 19) at the BMICH.

Sirisena pointed out it is essential to provide the mechanical and technical knowledge to those who are engaged in the gem industry, for its growth.

“The government will provide every facility on this regard,” the President said.

“When I presented a gem to the Queen Elizabeth at the meeting with her, she; showing her gem jewelries said those were made of the gem from Sri Lanka. That shows the interest of the foreign countries for Sri Lankan gems,” Sirisena said.

“Though the demand for the Sri Lankan tea and rubber has been decreased in the international market, the demand for our gems is increasing. Hence, the gem industry has a special contribution for the increase of the foreign income,” the President further stated.

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