Libya: Putin Says Security Council Resolution ‘Flawed’


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized the UN Security Council resolution on Libya for allowing foreign military intervention in a sovereign state, reports RIA Novisti.

“The Security Council resolution is flawed, it allows everything and is reminiscent of a medieval call for a crusade,” Putin said, according to RIA Novosti. “In fact, it allows intervention in a sovereign state.”

Putin’s comments follow on news that Western forces launched a second round of missile strikes on forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi Sunday night.

According to VOA, the U.S. military says the bombardment of Tomahawk cruise missiles and air strikes has significantly degraded Gadhafi’s air defenses.

The U.S. has been carrying out the attacks with Britain, France and other allies to enforce a U.N.-authorized no-fly zone.

Relatedly, Foreign Ministers of the 27-member European Union are Monday Monday with the focus on Libya and the southern Mediterranean.

“The Foreign Affairs Council will focus on Libya and the wider neighbourhood,” EU High Representative Catherine Ashton told reporters ahead of the meeting.

She noted that the ministers will discuss support to UNSC resolution 1973 on Libya and “make sure that what we are doing is in support of that resolution.”

Includes content from KUNA, Ria Novosti and VOA

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