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Understanding The Khalistan Menace – OpEd


This article is centered over the secessionist demand emerged for a separate land  of “Khalistan” from India. Ironically, this demand for a separate land is raised in the name of a Sikh religion that never supported separatism and stands for unity and oneness of all human beings. The demand for Khalistan at the contemporary juncture caught international attention due to referendum campaigns, rallies and social media platforms. Moreover, the violence during the 1980s and 1990s by the Khalistani separatists in India and Kanishka bombing in 1985 in Canada are worth mentioning. The work here shows the insight of the issue with possible ways to eradicate it.

History  Of Punjab And Khalistan

Khalistan means ‘The Land of Khalsa’ i.e. a separate nation for the Khalsa or a separate nation for the Sikhs. Khalsa was founded in the year 1699 by Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs. Khalsa means pure but over time, the idea was changed and it got politicised.

In the year 1920 India was fighting for independence from the British. During this time a movement was started and its name was Gurdwara Reform Movement. This was a very influential movement and its aim was to free the Gurdwaras of India from the Udasi Sikh Mahants, who were considered as Akali Hindu Mahants of that time. However, the Udasi Sikh sect was founded by Sri Chand, the elder son of Guru Nanak Dev himself.

Under this movement, more than 30,000 Sikhs were imprisoned during the struggle between 1920 and 1925. 400 Sikhs were killed and about 2,000 Sikhs were injured. At the same time, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee was formed in 1920 after a meeting of 10,000 Sikhs and today, this committee has the management of Gurdwaras in India.

This movement lasted for five years and at that time hundreds of gurdwaras — including the Golden Temple in Amritsar and the Nankana Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan, had gone from Udasi Sikh mahants to the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee. By 1925, the British accepted most of the demands of the struggling Sikhs, after which the movement ended.

However, an important thing associated with this movement is that while this struggle was going on, the Sikhs had divided into three parts. First, there were those who wanted to free the Gurudwaras from Udasi Sikh mahants. Others were those who, even after the end of this movement, continued to fight for India’s independence. The third were those who made it the political platform of Sikh communalism. The people who did this started an effort to show Sikhs separately from Hindus and Muslims, and from here the demand for a separate Sikh country was born and for this, the word Sikhistan or Khalistan was used.

After independence, a part of India which was called PEPSU i.e.Patiala and East Punjab States Union was incorporated in Punjab in 1956.  At the time when all this was happening, Sant Fateh Singh started a movement called Punjab Suba. Its purpose was to create a separate state of Punjabi speaking people. And in 1966, Punjab was created and Chandigarh was made a union territory and the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. It was only after this partition of Punjab that a new twist took place in the politics of Khalistan. This was the period when the word Khalistan began to be used more

When the Anandpur Sahib Resolution passed, the Shiromani Akali Dal’s political situation in Punjab had weakened considerably. In such a situation, the leaders of the Akali Dal could not put much pressure on the government of Indira Gandhi. The most important thing is that the Akali Dal used to claim representation of all Sikhs but in the elections held between 1952 and 1980, the Akali Dal did not even get an average of 50 per cent votes in Punjab. It was due to this political failure that the separatist ideology started strengthening in Punjab.

“Khalistan” is a Sikh separatist movement to create a new nation based on religion from India consisting of the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan. The demand for Khalistan was raised initially by Jagjit Singh Chauhan in 1979; he formed Khalistan National Council after he lost Punjab Assembly elections in 1969. He remained in contact with Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and he was self-elected chief of his faction the “Panthic Committee”. He was arrested in November 1993. In the process of creating Khalistan in Punjab and nearby states. Khalistanis had destroyed the land of Punjab through their violent activities like bombing and killings during the 1980s and 1990s.

The idea for a separate Sikh land emerged after independence and was accepted by the government of India as a Sikh Suba – Punjab, which is named after 5 rivers of Punjab as ‘Punjab’ is a Persian word meaning ‘five waters’, – ‘Panj’ which means five and ‘ab’ meaning water, represents the “Land of Five Rivers” referring to the Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi and Sutlej rivers and due to these rivers the land of Punjab was very fertile and it produces a large quantity of wheat and paddy not only for Punjab but the whole of India. With its lush green fields and holy places of Sikhs and Muslims, the territory was seen until 1947 as a jewel in the crown of the subcontinent. When the unfortunate partition of the subcontinent divided it into East and West Punjab’s to form part of two separate nations, an Urdu poet had lamented, “Ab ye do-aab hai, she-aab hai, Punj-aab Nahin” (it is now two waters, three waters, not five waters). Punjab suffered a second partition when a separate state of Haryana was carved out of it on November 1, 1966, on linguistic and cultural grounds.

Punjab has always been the centre of attraction since beginning geographically it has been the main route to come in India for the Islamic invaders. The people of Punjab are known as Punjabis. Punjab is bordered with Pakistan in the west and with Kashmir state in the north that expands its significance. The amount of grain Punjab produces is higher than other states to some extent. Guru Nanak Dev is worshipped and considered to be the God in Sikhs and Maharana Ranjit Singh is one of the great kings of Punjab. The number of fights and battles Punjab and Sikhs fought is adorable and the number of Sikhs who joins the defence is also always higher and more or less maximum Sikhs join the defence to serve the nation and for the people. They also offer free food or “Langar” to people of all religions in the Gurudwaras under the principle of  “Vand Chhako”  taught by Sikh Gurus. Sikhism is a religion, which is known for its good-natured, amiable, peaceful and selfless mindset people.

Khalistani Terrorist Activities Against Civilians

The majority of the victims of Khalistani violence were innocent Sikhs who were killed by separatists for opposing the Khalistan movement. In 1990-1991, for instance, Sikh civilians comprised over seventy percent of the victims of militant attacks. Moreover, Mazhabi Sikhs (so-called lower caste Sikhs in Punjab) were frequently the victims of militant attacks. Hindus were also targeted in large numbers as part of a strategy to ignite communal tensions and force Hindus to flee Punjab in fear. Along with systematic violence, posters often appeared in villages threatening Hindus to leave and those Sikhs that sought to help Hindus were similarly threatened by militants. As a result, thousands of Hindus fled their homes in Punjab and lived as refugees in neighbouring states and New Delhi. Several Reports stated that grenades and bombs were being thrown into Hindu religious festivals, movie theatres and militants were firing indiscriminately into crowded markets. The Hindus were being pulled off the buses and trains and killed. Massacres were common occurrences during that period. The following are a few representative examples of attacks on civilians that drew international attention:

May 1985 — Khalistani militants set off more than 30 bombs over the span of 14 hours at bus and train stations and public parks in New Delhi and the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, leaving at least 86 people dead.

December 1986 — 24 Hindu passengers were massacred and seven others wounded after being ordered off of a bus by militants near Khuda in Hoshiarpur district. In a similar incident, four months earlier, 15 Hindu passengers were slaughtered on a bus in Muktsar after militants told all the Sikh passengers to leave.

March 1988 — Militants killed 32 Hindus and injured 25 more when they opened fire on villagers celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi in the Hoshiarpur district. 12 additional Hindus were killed in separate incidents the night before.

June 1989 —Two Sikh bus passengers were shot dead by militants for intervening and trying to save the lives of Hindu passengers.

November 1989 —19 students were killed by militants while sleeping in a dormitory at Thapar Engineering College in the city of Patiala.

June 1991—125 men, women, and children were killed by Khalistan Commando Force militants on two trains. The first train was stopped near the city of Baddowal and militants opened fire indiscriminately on the train. A second train was stopped nearby where militants segregated Sikh and Hindu passengers, ordering Hindus off the train before killing them execution-style.

May 1992 — All India Radio station director in Patiala, M.L. Manchanda was kidnapped and decapitated by Babbar Khalsa militants for failing to comply with an edict to the only broadcast in Punjabi. The torso of Manchanda’s dead body was left in Patiala, while his head was left in Ambala.

The Khalistan movement’s campaign of violence further included attacks on those participating in state-wide elections in Punjab. In February 1992, for instance, militants gunned down election workers, political campaigners, voters, and set off over 18 bombs.

 Insignificance Of Khalistan Movement

Although there are some Sikhs, who are defaming Sikh religion and the teachings of Sikh Gurus and the Sikh holy book (Guru Granth Sahib), but, they are misguided by few and took a wrong path to redress their issues against the government. People may have problems with the political regime and dissent is part of democracy. But dividing a nation into religious lines is not a solution to any problem.

Sikhism was born in India and Sikhs are an Integral Part of India, not only Punjab but the whole of India belongs to them and only lack of knowledge about the teaching of Sikh Gurus and misleading interpretation of Sikhism by a small clique of selfish person is the cause of Sikh youth’s wrong path taking. The history of Sikhs and Hindus points out that both communities share common interests and have cordial relations. Indians imply all Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and other religions too as India is a secular country. History clarifies that all religions were always together celebrated all the festivals and participated in each other’s marriages even some cases are there when Sikh and Hindus married to each other. For instance, Vaishnav Hindus married their child in the Sikh community. Even Hindus and Muslims have always visited each other’s religious shrines. India represents Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other religions equal under the fundamental rights “Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India” and no religion was ever stopped to celebrate their festivals or practice their religion.

The heartbreaking incident of 1984 was not only criticised by Sikhs but also by Hindus and no Hindu was responsible for the attack but the then incumbent government. Yet, today some fanatics are taking advantage of the past and provoking communal disharmony among citizens in the name of religion. Such fanatics only create violence. Rationally, this desire for a separate country is mostly cultivated by people from outside India, those who do not apprehend India that it has Sikhs and Hindus fought together for the common cause and for each other. India has its unity and distinct culture as a strength and spiritedness. The demand for Khalistan from outsiders should be seen as illogical as for those who demands Khalistan at the cost of peace of Punjab will not even be going to live in Khalistan due to their citizenship they hold of a particular country in abroad, where they are residing. They are citizens of the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Belgium and they are proud of their respected nationalities and are not willing to come to India.

Khalistani militants don’t promote harmony and welfare for others that is why they are involved in terrorism and killing and taking full support from a country like Pakistan, which is notorious worldwide for its terror funding. Khalistanis had slaughtering innocents, bombed in public places, hijacked aeroplane and killed several innocents, for instance, the Kanishka bombing that resulted in 329 casualties, the blast was orchestrated by Babbar Khalsa International, a Khalistani group, that cannot be justified on any grounds.

There is a range of problems in Punjab that should be dealt with the funds that are being misused on killings of innocents by these militants; they could have invested this money for the welfare of the Public by providing aid programs. Sikh Gurus would be happier to see that sort of help to the needier and spreading the message of peace, which had been the teachings of them. But instead of such peaceful acts, activities of Khalistani terrorists exposed their real intentions. Currently, the Khalistanis organisations or terror outfits are  puppets of Pakistan to disestablish India’s peace as Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI has been funding these Khalistan militants since long to carry out attacks in India specifically in Punjab to disestablish the peace and harmony and to prove the state unable to control the state issues. Pakistan and the Khalistani IT cell are also running a campaign of falsehood against India to provoke the Sikh youth against their own country. 

By the time, the demand for the creation of a new state or country almost emerges throughout the world however it depends on the state that how it deals with these national issues. If a country listens to all such demands the country will no longer exist and it will destroy itself into many countries and will lose its existence. It is always very hard to stay together but it is easy to stay separated on petty issues. In the case of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel put closer and integrated all the princely states and independent states of India to form a nation called India but after his death, the secessionist and separatist demands divided India into many states and now some states are even not satisfied and willing to make a separate nation. Whereas, America is a country, which is formed by constituting 15 countries within it and emerged as a superpower with plenty of resources and human capital that made the country a very developed country.

Factually, a country which divides into several parts cannot come up as a very developed country due to loss of resources, for instance, after the collapse of the USSR into 15 different countries. It could not compete with the USA. While China, being aware of this fact trying to colonise many new countries and border areas with the nearby countries and spreading its territorial land by capturing other’s land as Axia Chin, Arunachal Pradesh regions, Tibet and currently making efforts to control the Indian ocean, the building of Silk road is a similar effort for access to global trade and dominance. China is emerging as a superpower. While India is dividing further on petty issues and lagging in global trade and development. Terrorism is spreading its wings everywhere in India that is requiring a large number of budgets on security forces and defence. Leading the development works into failure.

The demand for a separate nation rose by the anti-Indian who are prohibited to come here due to their aggressive and hateful activities so, they want to carve out a separate nation for them from India. The major thing should be understood by people of Punjab that why do they follow them and go against the nation that has provided them equal representation and equality in terms of rights. It is just a demand for a piece of land that would cost the partition of India again and would lead to killing and atrocities within the nation. Are we ready to get this destruction again it should be asked by every Sikh citizen who follows the path of militancy and separatism? Settling in a new place would not be so easy for anyone of us, leaving people whom you know for decades, who have been living with you for so long. 

The British legacy of divide and rule worked quite strong from then till present. If we move back to the past we will notice that all the faiths were living collectively in India like brothers but the British not only divided Hindu and Muslim but also Hindus and Sikhs and ruled over us. India was like a family where an outsider comes and destroys the family by creating contention on the name of the land and religion and convince them that they are not one although they are the sons of the same motherland and all brothers fight with each other and the alien, third-person loot the house and runs away but these brothers continue fighting and murdering each other. 

There were Sikhs who discerned, that keeping arms and ammunition making headquarters to the golden temple that cause damage to the temple. This Khalistan terrorist had no faith in their own holy Sikh religion. We are not even sure if they are really Sikhs if they are then why do they defame their own religious values of peace on the behest of Pakistan and misguiding a large number of youth for their political agenda. They use religion (golden temple) for their political gain and their safety and made it arms headquarters. Some people fought against them for their temple to be free from militancy at that juncture, for instance, Jasbir Singh Raina and many Sikhs, who were killed when they raised their voice against the Khalistan militants.

Pakistan, a nation known for terrorism throughout the world is paying some of its stooges to carry out the separatist demand and activities of violence in Punjab and other states of India. Sikhs are living in a large number in Pakistan as well then why does not the Khalistanis demand for land in Pakistan for Khalistan this proves that this Khalistanis are sponsored by Pakistan only which are used as non-state actors to destroy the integrity of a country on the command of Pakistan.

The violence of Khalistan ceased in 1993 but after four years, again there was a sudden rash of Khalistani terrorism. 55 persons lost their lives to the Khalistani bombs and bullets in Punjab Between March 14 and July 10, 1997. 

The youth of Punjab and several other youngsters outside India, who seek these Khalistani terrorists as their idols must look back at history and justify their wrong deeds before following them. The leader of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) Sukhdev Singh Babbar had a palatial bungalow called the white house that costs excess in 30 lakh in the 1980s with all the luxurious and apart from it, he had owned a pink house Bangalow in Rajpura and third bungalow in a modern town. Even some pornography movies were also found from his bungalow that shows how the Khalistani terrorists were misusing the innocents in the name of Khalistan and Sikhism so that these youngsters die and they can live a pleasant and luxurious life. This also reveals how much they care for the people of Punjab and Sikhs. If these Khalistanis would really care for the Sikhs they would have used that money not on luxurious but on the poor Sikhs that needed their support and help and would not have bought weapons to destroy Punjab but would have arranged food and shelter for the needy and would have built old age homes and Schools and orphanage for the kids. 

The freedom fighters that fought for the Independence of the country never wanted to get separated; they always wanted to unite India and called every religion people their own brothers and sisters. One should not follow sleepwalks. People should interpret thinks, analyze facts and understand what consequence it might bring, the Khalistan at what cost. Sikhs consider India as their homeland and don’t want its division and separation on religious grounds that were not even interpreted by the establishers of the religion. Sikhs are patriotic towards their nation and 16% Sikhs are serving in the Indian Army. They laid down their lives to guard the Indian Territory and are always ready to die for the nation.

Real Sikhs understand that militants have no religion they kill people brutally without discriminating on the grounds of religion as during the Khalistan movement not only Hindus were killed by the Khalistani terrorists but several Sikhs were also massacred. Khalistanis committed a huge genocide of innocents in order to gain the selfish agenda, they spreading false propaganda to achieve their political means on the corpses of innocent peoples, which led to the elimination of Khalistan movement by soldiers including Sikhs security officers, who were given the option to leave the operation against Khalistan because it can hurt their religious sentiments but they did not withdraw from it. They fought against it and most of the counter security force personnel were also Sikhs that justifies that terrorism has no religion but it can defame any pious religion. Terrorism cannot be justified on any grounds so as the Khalistani extremists.

No one has the right to divide the land given by our Gurus and God to all of us. We separated the world in continents then countries than states and then districts, we divided the land in every house as brothers are not willing to stay together and the same is with the countries they have emerged from the same breed but the politics and politicians divided not only the land but also the people living in them. 

The violence which is now spread after 1993 onwards is not for the cause of justice for the victims but for fulfilling the hidden motives of some haves settled down in abroad to get political benefits and they are making the innocent Sikhs and Punjab its victim and Pakistan is funding these anti-Indian organizations and people with funds and arms along with supplying drugs to the Indian side to make the youth of Punjab addicted to drugs. The Khalistani ideologue must understand that Pakistan will never give its piece of land to the cause of Khalistan but will always incite Sikh youth against India for its political agenda including the Khalistanis, who must quit this inert demand that has no relevance among the Indian Sikhs at this juncture.

The respect for Khalistan extremists couldn’t be traced in the minds of public but the fright of Khalistanis can be noticed by the incident when they spread themselves to the other states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Delhi, Bombay, and Tarai region due to the Khalistani presence local people started keeping beards, Girl students were to wear a uniform that conformed their diktats. Women stopped using cosmetics and use of bindi on their forehead at least 5 lakh Sikh farmers lived in complete terror in the Tarai region and Nankana sahib gurudwara a high temporal seat for Sikhs used by various splinter militant groups to carry out their activities. Khalistan extremists. Khalistan militant’s decision of running and hiding from security forces for their survival to the other states also proves their cowardness. They were not the worriers as claimed by many to inspire the young generation from their work. One of the great examples of their cowardice can be identified by Bhindranwale’s decision to choose Golden temple as a safety shield knowingly that it will affect the dignity of the holy shrine if any action taken against them inside it. The other incident that proves Bhindranwale’s cowardness can be traced in the 1978s Nirankari clash when Fauja Singh was killed by the Nirankari’s and Bhindranwale fled away in fear left him like that. Fauja Singh’s wife called him a coward. In the other killings, he ordered mostly instead of directly involved in it as he feared for his own life but never cared for other’s life.

Khalistan Demand from Outside India

The Khalistani demand started taking place from outside India by some persons in the 1980s, for instance, a UK national Dr.Jagjit Singh Chauhan self-appointed president of the national council put forward this demand for the first time in 1979 after losing Punjab assembly elections in 1969. Ganga Singh Dhillon, US national headed Nankana sahib foundation at Washington. US-based SFJ Gurjit Singh Pannun 2007. That shows they got this instinct of anti- India from outside only. Ganga Singh Dhillon, a US citizen and president of Nanakana sahib foundation Washington demanded a separated nation. Dal Khalsa established in India with a branch in the UK Babbar Khalsa and Akhand kirtani Jatha have its branches in the UK, propagating violence and terrorism in Punjab. In 2007 Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and Avtar Singh Pannun founded Sikh For Justice (SFJ), which they call is a human rights group but in truth, it is used to instigate Sikhs against India and run a secessionist anti-India movement with the help of Pakistan.

Role of Bhindranwale 

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was often known As Saint Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was a religious scholar who became the head of the Damdami Taksal in 1997. But no religion teaches to kill innocents and spread violence that he did in the name of Sikhism, Nowhere in Sikh religious books mentioned to kill innocents. 

The Jathedar of the high priest of the Akal Takht objected strongly that no Guru or Sikh religious leader had ever been allowed to live in Akal Takht. Moreover, Bhindranwale’s presence in the upper floor of the building was an act of sacrilege. No men could be permitted to stand above the Guru Granth Sahib but Bhindranwale and his men would be living in quarters above these places.

Bhindranwale transformed Akal Takht into his personal ‘court’. He had his darbars here, He deeply hurt the Sikh sentiments but no one could go against him as if someone raised their voice they were killed. Bhindranwale carried out activities like murders, extortion and protection rackets from the holy place of Harminder Sahib. He disrespected the status and piousness of the Sikh holy shrine. He was not a saint but a terrorist.

An ex BBC journalist Mark Tully wrote that Bhindranwale (Head of old Damdami Taksal) was contrary to GuruNank, he incited hatred rather than teaching love and propagated separatism than oneness. 

 Bhindranwale had no respect for Sikhism as he always went against Sikh principles and used Sikhism for his personal use and misguided people by interpreting the religion by his own requirements. Bhindranwale went into the Akal Takht because he realized that the government would not enter Harmandir sahib. Bhindranwale took full advantage of the fact that Sikh feelings would be hurt if anything happened to the Akal Takht. Bhindranwale should have asked to leave Harminder Sahib. 39 Sikhs opposed to Bhindranwale were killed. The total number of deaths was 410 in violent incidents and riots while 1,180 people were injured

Bhindranwale being at a high religious post misused his position and instead of the teaching of taking the path of peace, he taught the innocent public to take up arms and go against humanity unlike our gurus, who taught us to consider each and every person as our own people.

A few brave voices did speak up, both within the Golden Temple and from many of the Gurudwaras across the state. Among the most powerful of these voices was the venerable Giani Pratap Singh, an old man of eighty by that time, former Jathedar of the Akal Takht had openly attacked Bhindranwale for stocking arms and ammunition in the Akal Takht. He was shot dead at his home in Tahli Chowk. Other voices were raised and swiftly silenced. They included Niranjan Singh, the Granthi of Gurudwara Toot Sahib, Granthi Surat Singh of Majauli and Granthi Jarnail Singh of Valtoha.

Recent activities

1). Kartarpur Corridor

It is a proposed plan to construct a corridor between Gurudwara Kartarpur with Nankana Sahib to lesser the distance between them for the convenience of pilgrims. This project is proposed between India and Pakistan for more than 5 decades, which was now constructed till October 31 from both the countries and inaugurated on 9th November 2019 from the countries. But the presence of Khalistni terrorists there and Pakistan’s and Khalistanis act of putting posters and instigating videos from Pakistan side has broken the call of peaceful pilgrimage. Pakistan is also charging $20 fee as a service charge on the pilgrims visiting Kartarpur, which is like Jizya tax on non-muslims but that is not the first instance when Pakistan put jizya before it Taliban in Pakistan put Jizya on non-muslims including Sikhs and in a failure of Paying it several Sikhs were killed. 

2). Weapons via Drones

Pakistan is constantly supporting and funding the Khalistsani agenda during the month of September and October in 2019 this year several Khalistani terrorists received weaponry help from Pakistan. Pakistan is supplying these weapons with the help of sophisticated technologies like drones. 

3). Drugs via Birds

Drugs are a monstrous problem for the people of Punjab especially the youth. It will painful for the supporters of Khalistan and for those who consider Khalistanis as their idols that these idols are supplying these drugs in Indian Punjab and destroying our young generation. Pakistan in the process of doing harm to Punjab, India has found a new way to supply drugs in India by using Birds for it as recently it was reported that Pakistan is using birds for supplying drugs.

4). Pakistan and Terrorism

Pakistan, which is lagging behind to fulfil the demands of its own citizens is constantly funding the terrorists including Khalistan supporters to create massacres in India. To provide terrorists with the latest equipment, arms, and training, Pakistan is misusing the international funds provided to eradicate poverty in his country and to provide better education infrastructures to the citizens and the high taxes Pakistan is charging on its people is also used for terrorism rather than for the development and betterment of its people. 

Pakistan against Sikhs and Sikhism

Pakistan has not stopped yet, now it drafted to use service charge to the visits on Kartarpur Corridor visitors. It has put twenty dollars fee per pilgrims, which will consequently, lead to the failure of the poor Sikhs’ inability to visit their own religious shrine. 

Pakistan started showing its true colours by sending drugs into Punjab and arms and infiltrators to destroy the peace of Punjab and the youth and Punjabi citizens, unfortunately, those who are supporting these acts are also some Sikhs, who are misguided to kill their own brothers. Pakistan lately demolished Guru Nanak Palace later Destroyed Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Statue and then Abducted and forcefully converter Jagjit Kaur and several others into Islam. Set fire at Gurudwara Panja Sahib in Pakistan and Charging jizya on Sikh pilgrims visiting Kartarpur Sahib. Newly elected Politician and Leader of Canada’s second-largest party NDP Jagmeet Singh may be a kingmaker in Ottawa, but for India, he remains a “Pro- Khalistani and Pro-Pakistani” activist. Who shelters activists of Khalistan in Canada; he leads the anti- Indian movement in the Americas. He organized a conference of Pro-Khalistan activities in Ontario in 2013. He demands a secessionist land and highly praises a terrorist Bhindrawale in 2015 at a pro- Khalistan rally in San- Francisco. Pakistan’s ISI involved and made the KKRF (Khalistan-Kashmir Referendum Front), newly formed terrorist group. Kashmir based Pakistan supporters are killing the Punjab based people, who go for supplying goods in Kashmir. Pakistan is not with either Kashmir or with the people of Khalistan. Pakistan is putting Sikh lives in danger by setting up terror camps and training centres near Kartarpur in Muridke, Shakargarh, and Narowal. It may affect the Sikh devotees visiting the Kartarpur Sahib.

While on the other hand, the Government of India tried its level’s best to provide every sort of help to Sikhs by holding talks with Pakistan to waived the fee on Kartarpur visit and by providing concession for the Kartarpur service charge and now, Government of Punjab, India started free bus service for devotees visiting Sultanpur Lodhi.

Security Agencies around the world acknowledge the threat of Pannun and so-called Peace group SFJ to the innocent lives and Sikhs, which is why a red corner notice was issued against him. 

Atrocities against women

A total of 18 cases of marriages by terrorists were reported by the respondents – making a distinction between 7 cases of marriages by consent and 11 forced ones.

In early 1991, Madha Singh, a “Lt. General” of the Babbar Khalsa, and his associate Inderjit Singh Sakhira raped two women and subsequently abducted and forcibly married them. This was Madha Singh’s third ‘marriage’.

Jaspal Singh Bhuri, a “Lt. General” of the KCF, abducted an 18-year-old girl, of Manochahal village in December 1990. She was kept in captivity for over four months and was ‘used’ to satisfy the lust of various gang members. In April 1991 she was released. However, Bhuri followed her to her village and forced her to consume cyanide, because he felt she would damage his group’s reputation.

Sukhdev Singh ‘Sukha Sipahi’, alias ‘General Labh Singh’, the then KCF Chief, had developed a relationship with a married woman. In July 1988, suspecting her ‘fidelity’, he and his associates gave her a severe beating and set her house on fire. Sukhdev Singh was later killed in a police encounter. His nephew, Paramjit Singh Panjwar, and an associate, Jagjit Singh Billa, believing the woman had acted as a police informer, killed her in October 1989.

The real meaning of Sikhism 

 Although Khalistan is a disgrace in the name of Sikhism but the spirit of Service (Seva Bhavana) found in Sikhs cannot be found in any other community throughout the world. Whenever there is any natural calamity happens, Sikhs comes forward to help first, Recently many states and districts of India went by the severe conditions of flood in which Sikhs and the Khalsa Aid came forward to help people stuck in the situated from the situation and provided food to them. Not in India but wherever in the world in crises takes place Khalsa Aid comes to help for example the Rohingya people‘s help.

In 2019, Melbourne, Australia based Sikh Uber driver Gurbinder Singh, became an inspiration for us by his honesty, when he returned a lady’s purse containing $ 10,000 that she left in the car in hurry. The number of Gurudwaras (Sikh religious shrines) in India is more than any other country.

The fact is that terrorism and its executioners have their own agenda, entirely independent of the popular will, of democratic considerations or institutions, or of the aspirations and desires of the community they claim to represent.


 Sikhism believes in peace and oneness. Guru Nanak never taught separatism and violence to his Shishyas (Disciples), then how can Khalistanis kills innocents for Sikhism, these separatists are the mere supporters of Bhindranwale, who was not a saint but a terrorist and of Pakistan that always wanted to create terror in India. Anyone who kills innocents and place guns in the hands of innocents and misguides them in the name of religion cannot be a real Sikh. Sikhs religious book Guru Granth Sahib is explicit: the Sikh is “He who inspirits no fear, nor is afraid”. Those who sought to “kill one in order to terrorize thousands” – whatever their motives – betrayed this faith; they could claim for themselves neither the title of Sikh nor of Khalsa.[2]

A Sikh is who – who is fearless One Sikh is considered equal to “Sawa lakh” which means 125,000 soldiers. Neither Bhindranwale’s act justifies his religious belief nor his bravery, for instance, Bhindranwale went into the Akal Takht because he realized that the government would not enter Harmandir sahib. Bhindranwale took full advantage of the fact that Sikh feelings would be hurt if anything happened to the Akal Takht and the other incident proves his cowardness is during the time of Nirankari clash with Bhindranwale, He ran away left Fauja Singh to be killed.

Khalistanis in the past were wrong and in the current time are just money makers from people believe and Pakistan is running an anti-Indian movement and for that, it is paying Khalistanis, they are just mere stooges of Pakistan, who are trying to misuse the common public for their hidden evil motives. In the era of development and technology, we must not look back on the past but to go ahead with unity to bring our country on the top in development and become an example of unity in diversity for the entire world. Any god of any religion never taught to hate each other and fight for a piece of land that doesn’t belong to anyone of us. It will never be with us. We sometimes fight for something that we do not need. Everyone needs prosperity and peace that comes by understanding and helping each other. 

 The demand for Khalistan, only destroyed the land of Punjab, where these Khalistani puppets dreamt us to make Khalistan when the land will be destroyed and the people will be killed how can one make Khalistan on the corpses of innocents?

The so-called Defenders of faith forgot that religion and god do not need anybody’s help to sustain. These fighters of Sikhism (Khalistanis) will never be able to justify the killings of innocents, rapes, and atrocities they did on people and the luxurious life they lived and misguided people to die for their religion. Religion is there to help one not to choose the wrong path, Guru Nanak didn’t like the social evil acts done in the name of religion and he formed a new religion based on peace, service, and oneness but some evil persons are always there to reinterpret any religion in their own way and misguide people whether it is Hinduism, Muslim, Sikhism or any other religion.

On a personal viewpoint, Khalistan should not be formed as it will lack with resources and sequentially would need help from other countries that would make its condition worse that might bring poverty and unemployment in the country. In terms of security concerns, Khalistan would become a buffer zone between two nuclear power countries Indian and Pakistan. The rulers would be unreliable and the military regime is also possible to take place in Khalistan. If Khalistan emerges even then the Sikhs will fight against Nirankari and will also attack Hindus who will be in minority then in Khalistan. Khalistan would be a state of terrorism; this is indicated by its activities since its demand emerged from 1978 onwards till the contemporary time.

Many Khalistanis joined the movement with the motives of earning good money and loot while some joined out of fun, due to contact with terrorists, Inter- Family enmity, relationship with terrorists but there was a small group of people that joined it against the state but disence is the essence of democracy and they could choose a democratic way to go against the government’s decision. Resham Singh, Lt. General of KCF (Z) joined the Khalistan movement for looting and to earn money,  Sital Singh, founder Chief of Dashmesh Regiment joined Khalistan for Political ambitions and Bikarjit Singh, Founder member of BTFK (M) joined for looting purposes. 

*Pankaj Kumar Sain, is a Political Analyst and has a Masters in Political Science

References of terrorism – Sharda Jain

Endgame in Punjab: 1988-1993 – KPS Gill

The genesis of the Hindu-Sikh Divide – Khushwant Singh 

South Asian Terrorism Portal (Satp) Website 



9 thoughts on “Understanding The Khalistan Menace – OpEd

  • March 22, 2021 at 7:28 am

    Pankaj sain for giving us great knowledge about Khalistan…

    • March 23, 2021 at 4:40 pm

      Typical apologizing for right wing Hindutva which threatens minorities especially Sikhs and Muslims. Khalistan isn’t supported by Pakistan, it is supported by Modi and his terrorism against minorities.
      Long live Pakistan, long live Kashmir, long live Khalistan!!!

      • March 27, 2021 at 3:02 pm

        Very biased, and false information, information is extremely flawed and biased it’s like a hindu extremist nationalist wrote this article, horrible article that uses false information that is simply not true, very bad what these people are writing and how all of this is simply not true

  • March 24, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    I am a hindu and since childhood my father telling me about the sacrifices of great sikh gurus they did to protect sanatan dharm, hindus and cow from the muslim invaders.
    In fact my father told me that great gurus founded this great sect of sikkhism just to protect us, they are warriors and hero for whole hindu community. Don’t know about all, but the majority of hindus have respect for sikhs in the same manner, as the civilians of any country have respect for their army.
    In fact when I grow some more elder and was in 12th standard, I regularly visited gurudwara sahib and wanted to become a sikkh.
    Whatever politicians do, whatever misguided khalistan supporters do, but positive sentiments and a feeling of respect can’t be fade for sikhhs from hearts of hindus.
    Infact considering them a separate religion gives a feeling of pain to hindus.
    Sikkh are from same mother land, like islam they not invaded from outside, this whole land belongs to them why should they seek a smaller portion of their motherland.

    • March 24, 2021 at 11:11 pm

      I am a Sikh and wholeheartedly support your comments Lalit. We have same blood. It’s unfortunate and only serves politician’s greed. At Gurudwara, everyone wants to become “ Pardhan” ( President of the Gurudwara. There is no end to their ego. Poor people follow them blindly, at the end, they are the one who suffer and killed, politicians sitting far away comfortably.

      • March 25, 2021 at 4:04 am

        It’s hard to imagine that there may be differences between hindu and sikkhs

  • July 11, 2021 at 6:51 am

    I am a proud Sikh and I am for a United India. Can anyone tell a difference between a regular Hindu and a right wing Hindu when they meet a Hindu? I can’t. Same with a Sikh. Can you tell who is a Khalistani and who is not? There are no labels on people’s faces. All Sikhs say in their prayers that “Raj Karega Khalsa, Aki rahe na koi”. And, it doesn’t mean a little land carved out of India. Baki as some ignorant fools say it. It is a prophecy and belief that will come true.

  • March 26, 2022 at 9:47 am

    I think the person must be stupid to call this article biased and the information fake as the article is well profound and the information is true as the references are given below.

  • March 26, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    “J” must be a Khalistani extremist to call this unbiased and excellent article to be factually incorrect


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