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Euro-2012: Strong Teams Advance To Quarterfinals


By Anastasiya Pershkina

The group matches of the Euro-2012 have ended. The Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and France will continue their fight for the European Cup.

In fact, this group was predictable except for some sensations. Experts say that such a collection of teams will assure interesting football.

There are also unexpected guests in the quarterfinal group. They are Greece and the Czech Republic. By ousting their main rivals – Russia and Poland, they, according to experts, have extended their presence in the tournament for a short while. They will have to play against Germany and Portugal consequently, which are much stronger than Greece and the Czech Republic. The winners of the so-called “death group” might face serious problems with teams from Greece and the Czech Republic. They have long been famous for the ability to defend involving the entire team. The Czech Republic, which has the legendary goalkeeper of Chelsea Petr Cech, will have nothing else to do rather than to play defence. The Greek team will stay in its half of the pitch and search for a chance to launch a counter attack or a standard attack. For them, this is a favourable circumstance but this will not be beautiful football, experts say.

Europe’s big teams will play the other two quarter finals. The results of these matches are unpredictable. England and Italy tried to play actively during the group matches. It was fairly visible that the teams had many problems but in the end, they could overcome them. In short, they should play as equally strong teams. Spain is likely to win in the quarter final between Spain and France. It has no psychological problems. Its goalkeeper Iker Casillas is very reliable. The midfield is creative and mobile, first and foremost, owing to the play by duet Xavi-Iniesta from Barcelona. Coach Vincente del Bosque has trained all the players to be effective in attacks. From Fernando Torres to Jesus Navas who rarely appears on the pitch. France ended the group matches in a minor key allowing Sweden to score two goals. It lost the match 2-0.

The biggest sensation of the tournament is the ouster of Russia and the Netherlands as well as Euro-2012 hosts, Poland and Ukraine. In fact, it was hard for the Ukrainians. According to coaches, players and fans, Ukraine scored a goal in their last match, but it was not counted. If this had been done the game would have been much more interesting.

The quarterfinal marches will be played from the 21st to the 24th June. Ukraine hosts two matches, while Poland the other two. In fact the tournament can be described as successful. The teams scored many goals. The Euro-2012 has had sensations, as well as a scandal over the disturbances of Russian fans in Warsaw. Nevertheless, it is a holiday of sport and a spectacle. In view of this, regardless of who supports which team, everything is happening on the highest level.

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