Sri Lanka To Implement New Code Of Ethics For Police


Sri Lank’as National Police Commission (NPC) has formulated a new set of Code of Ethics for Police with the aim to improve its rapport with the public.

NPC Secretary Ariyadasa Cooray told the Daily News the new set of Code of Ethics would be launched island wide next month.

Cooray said the purpose of Code of Ethics is mainly to make Police service a people friendly and efficient one that caters to the aspirations of the people.

“Police personnel should keep in mind that they are being paid salaries from the public money. They should know how to be polite to the people. The Code of Ethics reminds them of these obligations,” Cooray said.

Cooray said the draft Code was prepared with the participation of senior officers in the Police and with the consent of the Inspector General of Police.

“All Police personnel will have to read aloud the set of Code of Ethics and ratify by placing their signatures on it. This will be done during the island wide launch,” Cooray said.

The Secretary noted thereafter the Code would be included into all training courses of Police personnel and it would be mandatory to read aloud and sign it when receiving promotions.

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