Saudi Arabia: 50,000 Animals To Be Sacrificed In Riyadh As Part Of Eid Al-Adha Sacrificial Rites


By Abdul Hanna Tago

An estimated 50,000 animals are expected to be slaughtered in the capital as part of the Eid Al-Adha sacrificial rites on Thursday.

There are about seven slaughterhouses in various localities of the city. Riyadh municipality said these places are ready to receive sacrificial animals during the days of sacrifice.

Last year, the Municipality seized since day one of Eid Al-Adha festival more than 25 open slaughterhouses that were operating illegally under unhygienic conditions despite the facilities provided by the municipality.

The authority has cautioned the public against offering sacrifices under unhygienic conditions, since they pose health hazards to the consumers.

Licensed slaughterhouses this year include Riyadh Automated, Aziziyah and Al-Arieja neighborhood (west of Riyadh) in addition to Al-Morooj district, north of Riyadh, and Saadah district (east of Riyadh).

Some 300 to 800 animals can be sacrificed in one hour at most of these slaughter houses, said a municipality spokesman.

According to the official, 12 temporary sites for sale, receipt and delivery of sacrificial animals in different parts in Riyadh have been identified to serve the largest segment of population in an orderly and organized manner to ensure their health and safety.

All the sites earmarked for the purchase of sacrificial animals have been equipped with sufficient manpower and also the mechanism to monitor the implementation of the operational plan.

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