Egypt: Military Council Expresses Remorse For ‘Events’ In Tahrih Square


Egyptian military council expressed remorse on Sunday evening for fatalities of events at Tahrir Square.

In a statement, the council called on all political parties involved to embrace the work of the youths strongly to contain the situation and not to negatively affect security and stability of the country, noting on the spirit of the past January 25th revolution.

The council also assigned a fact-finding mission to immediately investigate the reasons behind the unrest and to find solution to ensure no recurring of such incidents that might take place in future.

The council called on political parties to engage the youths through positive dialogue to swiftly end the unrest.

The statement noted as well on the council’s keenness to continue implement the road map which was established by the higher council in preparation for a transition period which would leap into a democratic and civil authority elected body rule.

Earlier in the day, thousands of Egyptian protesters have re-occupied Tahrir Square in the capital, Cairo, after a violent attempt by troops and police to evict them.

Three people were killed and 192 injured in confrontations between protesters and security forces in Al-Tahrir Square, the ministry of health said.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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