Belgium: Strike Expected To Cause Major Disruption


The three major public sector unions in Belgium have announced a 24-hour national strike starting tonight to protest against the government’s pension reform. The Brussels airport in a statement said there will be no trains or buses to and from the airport and advised passengers to take precautions.

“Right now, we do not expect that participation in the strike late Wednesday or Thursday will lead to a serious disruption of air traffic,” it said.

However, passengers should check the Brussels Airport website to verify the information on their flight before leaving for the airport.

According to Belgian media reports, hardly any trains, buses or trams are expected to operate from Wednesday night onwards.

Metro services will also be affected. On Thursday there will be no Thalys trains services at all. Eurostar services from London will terminate at Lille in France from Wednesday night onwards.

A limited bus service will operate between Brussels and Lille.

The unions also plan to close down all public administrations and offices operated by the federal, regional, provincial and local authorities.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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