South Sudan: Claims Uganda Behind Killing Of Rebel Leader


The Ugandan government was apparently behind the killing of George Athor, a rebel leader battling against the government of South Sudan, claims the armed group headed since last year by the former general, though only in part compatible with the official version.

According to a spokesman for the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), the group “lost contact” with Athor on Sunday, while the leader was in Kampala to meet with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni. “He was killed by the Ugandans”, stated the spokesman.

The government of Juba yesterday released an official version: Athor, indicates an official report, was apparently killed in combat in the southern Central Equatoria region, after returning to South Sudan from a mission in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, aimed at obtaining political and financial backing.

Aside from the circumstances of Athor’s death, also perspectives of a peace process remain uncertain. The government of Juba made an appeal to the supporters of the former general to adhere to an amnesty program announced on July 9, date of the proclamation of independence of South Sudan from Khartoum.


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