Iran: Parliament Rejects Proposal To Bar Military Commanders From Running For President


The Iranian Parliament on Sunday dismissed a proposal that high-ranking military commanders should not be allowed to run for presidential election.

The Parliament on Sunday held another meeting on a reform of the presidential election law.

After discussions about an article of the bill, the lawmakers rejected a proposal that top commanders of the Armed Forces above the rank of Major General should be barred from running for president.

The proposal was rejected by 207 votes to 25, with 5 abstentions.

The next presidential election in June 2021 will be held simultaneously with city council and midterm parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

Candidates hoping to run in the next elections are to apply in early April for approval. The final list is to be announced by the Guardian Council in early June.

Under Iran’s law, an incumbent president cannot run for a third term if he has already served for two consecutive terms in office.

Tasnim News Agency

Tasnim News Agency, which claims to be a private news agency in Iran but is reported be close to the IRGC, was launched in 2012. Its purpose is to cover a variety of political, social, economic and international subjects along with other fields.

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