Saudi Arabia Suspends All International Passenger Flights For One Week


Saudi Arabia on Sunday suspended all international passenger flights for one week in response to a new strain of the coronavirus.

Entry to the Kingdom through land and sea ports has also been suspended and this period may be extended by another week. 

The decisions were made in response to the emergence of a potent new strain of the virus in the UK and other European countries.

Some flights will be allowed in exceptional circumstances, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. 

Anyone who has returned to the Kingdom from European countries or high risk countries after Dec. 8 is required to quarantine for two weeks from the date of their arrival.

They must also undergo a COVID-19 test during their self-isolation period and repeat the test every five days. 

Anyone who has returned from or transited through a European or high risk country within the last three months must also undergo the test. 

The movement of goods, commodities and supply chains from countries where the mutated virus has not appeared will continue as usual. 

These travel restrictions will be reviewed in accordance with coronavirus related developments.

Arab News

Arab News is Saudi Arabia's first English-language newspaper. It was founded in 1975 by Hisham and Mohammed Ali Hafiz. Today, it is one of 29 publications produced by Saudi Research & Publishing Company (SRPC), a subsidiary of Saudi Research & Marketing Group (SRMG).

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