Tracking Roadway Savings From Coast To Coast


Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have identified the most energy-efficient 2024 model year vehicles available in the United States, including electric and hybrids, in the latest edition of the Department of Energy’s Fuel Economy Guide.

The annual online resource compares fuel costs for two-seaters up to large sedans, small and midsize station wagons, minivans, small and standard sport utility vehicles and small and standard pickup trucks. A quick reference top 10 list is searchable for make, model and class, too.

“With the national average of gasoline over $3 per gallon, drivers need to know how much they can save by choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle,” said Stacy Davis, ORNL’s group leader for Transportation Analytics and Decision Sciences. 

An ORNL-developed tool, the Trip Calculator, also allows consumers to estimate the savings for driving a certain model of vehicle on a specified trip. Users can enter the origin and destination and select up to three different vehicles. The best route is mapped with directions and estimates on fuel use and cost.

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