Helping Pakistan Sail Through Choppy Waters: Efforts Of Giga Group – OpEd


Pakistan is currently going through an unprecedented economic turmoil. Without a strong economy, everything is on stake for the country. In 2022, Pakistan remained in the grip of the foreign exchange crisis. Now, 2023 has added fuel to fire. The forex reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on January 6 further plunged to $4.343 billion, only viable for three weeks of imports. Rupee is weakening faster than the market expectations, doubts and fears are over the country’s economic health. Amid this crisis situation when the foreign investors are pulling their money out and leaving Pakistan – there are some unsung heroes who are helping the country to sail through choppy waters. One such example is Giga Group who has shown iron resolve in this rough patch reflecting the love and affection they have for the country and its people.

The award-winning construction giants of Dubai started the company under the leadership of Haji Abdul Rahim Giga, remembered as a man of great resolve in the international business market. He sowed a seed with textile and trading business in Dubai that has been transformed into a giant tree with the helping hand of his diligent descendants. Today the Giga Group comprises a number of different companies independently and jointly owned by Giga family in Pakistan and the Middle East.

The current economic situation of Pakistan and its remarkable success in other regions of the world, The Giga Group had a chance to wrap up its fight against the odds in Pakistan but in lieu of finding an escape they decided to stay and continue their struggle for a prosperous future of Pakistan. A dedicated leadership with a vision to serve the nation and provide the world with sustainable and environment friendly construction solutions is pouring untiring efforts under the flag of Giga Group. The young blood and CEO of Giga Group Mr. Najeeb Amin Pardesi has revolutionized the business environment in Pakistan making it more energetic and competitive. He has also supported the economies of war-trodden countries like Iraq and Libya with investment of more than $900 million that reflects his vision for global peace and prosperity. His father and President of the Giga Group Haji Amin Pardesi has marked his legacy in the International business market as an honest and aspiring individual. 

At present, Giga Group has transformed barren pieces of land in Pakistan into construction marvels providing a sight to behold. The grandeur of a luxury touch is visible in every project of Giga Group whether residential or commercial. Even in the hardest of difficulties Giga has been trying its best to transform Pakistan into the best possible version of itself. Presently, Giga is nurturing a world class community at Downtown Giga, DHA-II, Islamabad. More than 2500 families are enjoying a high-standard lifestyle belonging to all races of life. The financial structure provided by Giga Group is befitting for every class in Pakistan. The services they have given to the people of Pakistan are worth admiration, so their projects must be backed at every level.

Mohammad Salahudin is an economic expert and freelance journalist based in Islamabad. He contributes to various International forums and frequently writes on global economy, Pakistan’s political economy, and International economic order.

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