Transforming Europe’s Social Housing: Survey On Energy Efficient Refurbishment Strategies


SUPER-i survey is an innovative online survey aimed at collecting valuable insights on the current state of energy-efficient refurbishment of social housing stocks in Europe. This survey represents a significant opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to positive change in the social housing sector.

The survey aims to foster collaboration between local administrations, financial institutions, private investors, social housing managers, and ESCOs who share a common interest in advancing the renovation of European social housing stock. By participating in the survey, respondents will play a crucial role in shaping the future of energy-efficient refurbishment practices and policies.

The insights gathered from the SUPER-i Survey will help create a comprehensive understanding of the current energy-efficient refurbishment landscape in social housing across Europe. This results will identify areas for improvement, enable benchmarking of energy efficiency performance, and inform decision-making processes at various levels.

Upon completion of the survey, participants will have the opportunity to access personalized insights. These insights include:

  • Energy efficiency ranking: A comparison of the energy efficiency performance of their social housing development against the national average.
  • Potential improvements: A high-level overview of potential energy efficiency interventions available for the social housing stock.
  • Environmental benefits: An understanding of the environmental advantages associated with the identified potential interventions.
  • Financing options: Possible ways to finance energy efficiency interventions, providing crucial guidance to advance sustainability goals.

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