Pentagon Says Pressure Putting Islamic State ‘On Its Heels’


By Lisa Ferdinando

Coalition and local forces in Iraq and Syria are making significant progress in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Pentagon’s press secretary told reporters Tuesday.

“The counter-ISIL coalition continues to pressure ISIL on multiple fronts in Iraq and Syria as local forces continue to put ISIL on its heels,” Peter Cook said.

Progress in Fallujah

Iraqi security forces, led by the Iraqi Counterterrorism Service, are advancing in Fallujah at a rate of about 5 to 10 percent of the city per day, he said.

The forces have cleared about a third of the city, and are careful to safeguard the lives of civilians and limit property damage to the extent possible, Cook said.

The coalition continues to provide daily air support in the fight for the city, Cook said. There have been 85 strikes over the last four weeks, including four over the last 24 hours, he added.

Progress Elsewhere in Iraq, ‘Significant’ Air Support

In northern Iraq, Iraqi forces are making progress as they push toward Qayyarah from multiple axes, Cook said. Iraqi forces moving north from Beiji advanced another six kilometers today, overcoming ISIL defenses along the way, he said.

“Meanwhile, Iraqi forces moving from the east also continue their push,” the press secretary said. “We are, again, providing significant coalition air support for these efforts as well.”

‘Tightening the Noose’ in Syria

“In Syria, the Arab-led forces fighting to take back Manbij City are tightening the noose around this critical crossroad between Raqqa and the Turkish border,” Cook said. Those forces have faced ISIL resistance inside the city and along the southern edge, he said, adding “they expect ISIL to hunker down for a tough fight in the city itself.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces are clearing territory, which is an important development, Cook said. The SDF is gaining new insight into ISIL’s operations in the area, including the flow of foreign fighters, he said.

“We believe that this will be helpful as we work to stem the foreign fighter flow and the risk that ISIL poses outside of Syria and Iraq,” he said.

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One thought on “Pentagon Says Pressure Putting Islamic State ‘On Its Heels’

  • June 22, 2016 at 10:17 am

    It is not the Pentagon who is fighting Daesh. Rather, it is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Russia. All fighters are trying to eliminate Daesh but US policy is to keep Daesh alive for years for profits for the industrial military complex and for dividing Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan for better Israeli domination. US now is rewarding the victory of Iraq against Daesh by sending Kaka Masroor AL Barzani, the son of the Jewish Barzan family, to talk about the division of Iraq into three states and sending other Syrian famle Kurd to talk about the division of Syria and the establishment of Kurd state on Arab land with a very few Kurds living there. Now, US moderate terrorist groups are killing Jordanian people to destabilize Jordan. In short, people fighting against Daesh are penalized by US for their victory but other countries exporting terrorism and supporting terrorism and Daesh such as Israel are rewarded. ALL people know that US is not fighting Daesh. The allied forces against Daesh led by USA are joke and designed to divided Iraq and Syria in the near future and other countries later on. Finally, currently Daesh and other moderate terrorist groups such as AL Nusra have very sophisticated American weapons and equipment and have very durable American and Japanese cars and vehicles. They have better food as well and receive better health treatment from Israel with good funds and fighters from some Arab governments and Turkey.


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