Flight Attendant Arrested For Stealing Passenger’s iPad‏: Caught By App


An Oregon flight attendant has been arrested for stealing a passenger’s iPad.

This past Wednesday a Reno Nevada resident contacted the Oregon City Police Department to report that on Sept. 11 he flew on a Horizon Airlines Flight from Reno Nevada to San Jose California., and when he arrived at his destination he realized his iPad was missing.

The victim explained to the Oregon City Police that he used his iPad on the flight from Reno to San Jose and secured it in his carry-on luggage prior to landing in San Jose.

Wendy Dye
Wendy Dye

Several days went by before the victim remembered he had downloaded a theft prevention feature (app) “Find my iPad.” That’s when, on Wednesday  the victim initiated the tracking app and was notified his iPad was tracked via GPS to 673 S. Center St. in Oregon City, OR.

Oregon City Police Officers responded to the residence located at 673 S. Center Street and contacted the resident, who at first denied having the iPad or having any knowledge of such an iPad. After further questioning by the officers, the resident eventually admitted she had possession of the iPad and turned it over to police.

The resident and person in possession of the iPad is identified as 43-year-old Mrs. Wendy Ronelle Dye (08/18/69.)

When asked, she told police she was a Flight Attendant for Horizon Airlines and was working the flight in question on Sept 11, which began in Reno Nevada, stopped in San Jose and finished in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Dye told police as the passengers were disembarking the plane at its final destination in Los Angeles California a passenger presented her with the iPad, explaining it had been left on a seat. Mrs. Dye left the airport with the iPad in her personal bag and neglected to turn it over to the Airline or Airport Officials.

Mrs. Dye told police she forgot about the iPad even after returning to the airport to work a flight back to Portland.

During the course of the investigation, Mrs. Dye denied she ever used the iPad, but during the investigation it was later determined Mrs. Dye used the iPad even putting some of her personal information into the device such as reminder for her husband’s up-coming birthday.

Oregon City Police arrested Mrs. Dye on Friday evening  for Theft II by receiving and Computer Crime. She was lodged at the Clackamas County Jail on $12,500 bail. Arraignments are being made to get the recovered iPad returned to the owner in Reno Nevada.

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