Beware The Enemy Within – OpEd


If the rest of the world is at a loss to understand why US foreign policy toward the Middle East is held hostage by the whims of Israel, and America loses the moniker of being the honest broker, then they would have to understand the covert actions that dictate such policies through a series of spying, lobbying and the distribution of money to fund policy makers.

These spies are not your covert foreign agents. No indeed! These operatives are Americans who publicly proclaim their allegiance to the flag. They could be your next-door neighbors – mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning or throwing a couple of steaks on the barbecue. But deep down, they foster an unbending loyalty to Zionism and Zionism alone.

And they can be found at all levels of the US government. They were the loudest proponents on why the US should attack Iraq and take out those illusive “weapons of mass destruction.”

Subsequent disclosures of the false data on Iraq provided to the US president suggest that a preponderance of such misinformation had helped in shaping US foreign policy in the region. And this pattern had not been restricted to an isolated incident. Drums are now beating about the threat of Iran. Israeli spying and twisting of US policies has had a long and uninterrupted history.

From the bombing and killing of 34 US Navy personnel in 1967 on the USS Liberty, followed by a quashed investigation into the tragic incident and continuing to the arrest and subsequent denials by the Israeli government of a mole, an “American” named Jonathan Pollard, deep within the US Naval Intelligence, the Israelis have been very successful at keeping a tight rein on US affairs and foreign policy.

The Israelis cannot do it all alone, however. They need Americans for that, Americans whose sworn loyalty is first and foremost to Israel. Americans who were more than eager to appear on US television and convince their people why Iraq or Afghanistan had to be attacked. Americans who shed no tears for the lives of thousands of their countrymen killed in an immoral war. As long as the security of their beloved Israel was guaranteed, everything else became inconsequential.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, over 200 Israelis were arrested for spying. There were reports of an Israeli film crew setting up gear prior to the attacks. But none of these disclosures went very far. Powerful “American” figures within the US government suppressed further investigation.

When Mordechai Vanunu squealed on Israel’s development of nuclear weapons, it was “Americans” who tempered the shock of disclosure in their media. When Israel violated countless UN resolutions, and continued with their ethnic cleansing, it was again “Americans” who turned the US Department of State into an impotent organ of justice with their countless vetoes.

Today, the US is the only major country standing in the way of Palestinian statehood, and for no justifiable reasons. Their lawmakers have openly threatened the Palestinians with a cut-off in aid if they pursued such a dream. This from a country with the Stars and Stripes? And the Statue of Liberty?

You don’t have to convince me that US Middle Eastern policy is being dictated by the Israelis. The evidence is there. But what should begin to worry Americans is the presence of the enemy within. An enemy who walks and talks their language, but one who lacks no remorse for the shedding of their own blood, all for the sake of Israel.

Tariq A. Al-Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator and was educated at the University of Denver. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @talmaeena

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