Iran: Rouhani Names Picks To Head Four Economic Ministries


Iran’s president nominated four men to run the country’s major economic ministries whose heads have resigned or been impeached by the Parliament in recent weeks.

n a letter to the Parliament on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani proposed his picks to fill the vacancies in the four ministries.

Farhad Dejpasand has been nominated as the new minister of Economic Affairs and Finance. The former minister, Massoud Karbasian, was dismissed by the Parliament in late August.

President Rouhani, who accepted Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Shariatmadari’s resignation a few days ago, chose him as the new minister of Cooperative, Labor and Welfare, whose previous chief Ali Rabiee received a vote of no confidence from the Parliament on August 8.

In his proposal, the president has named Mohammad Eslami as the new head of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. Abbas Akhoundi resigned from the ministry on Saturday.

Also, Rouhani nominated Reza Rahmani as the minister of Industry, Mine and Trade.

The lawmakers would soon begin sessions to discuss the credentials and backgrounds of the proposed ministers for a vote of confidence.

Rouhani won the second term in May 2017 election.

Tasnim News Agency

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