Is President Trump Really As Chaotic As Described? – OpEd


Ever since Donald Trump emerged as the candidate of the Republican party for US Presidential election, he has been bitterly criticized on various counts by the opposition democratic party and significant section of the US media. Several persons who do not belong to the political or media class but hold positions in different capacities in various walks of life were also highly critical of Trump during the Presidential election campaign.

However, to the surprise of all and disappointment of his pledged critics, Trump was elected as US President and it is now nearly two years since he assumed office.

As President of USA, there have been number of commissions and omissions by President Trump and most US media continue the relentless criticism of Trump’s actions and speeches at every opportunity and do not even show the courtesy that a reigning President of USA normally commands.

While President Trump has almost declared US media as his number one enemy and has been retaliating top media houses in US with choicest abuses and returning the media in the same coin, there are number of others including some of his own party men and who have held positions under US President for sometime too have not been spared. The net result is that the US media now looks “vibrant “with all sorts of choicest terms due to constant exchanges between President Trump and his critics and media. It appears that such “vibrant media shows “ would continue till President Trump’s term ends.

The watchers of US scenario and world media also seem to be enjoying the political spectacle in President Trump’s USA with considerable curiosity and seem to be treating it as exciting entertainment show.

President Trump has also aimed his shoot outs at other world leaders including Canadian Prime Minister. He has not spared the leadership of several European nations on different occasions, while defending the US interests and demanding that the role of USA as significant financial contributor for NATO and programmes of UNO should be duly recognized and perhaps, rewarded in kind.

Now, inspite of all such scenario and what some critics call as eccentricities of Trump, the question is whether Trump’s Presidentship is as chaotic as it is made to look.

While the opposition parties in USA and his pledged critics even have been speaking about impeaching President Trump for some of his past deeds and present actions, it appears that all these “slaughter” have not really weakened President Trump or made him to change his ways. He continues to be what he is, as has been seen during the Presidential campaign and subsequent position as President of USA.

Several of his measures and policy initiatives as US President are extremely bold and daring, like of which no other President of USA in recent times has shown. Even his strongest critics have to admit this.

His meeting the North Korean President Kim Jong-Un in Singapore after his war of words with him and bringing the maverick North Korean President to discussion table and moving towards peace is pragmatic and positive strategy of great historical significance. In the process, President Trump has saved the world from the brink of war with North Korea.

The trade war that Trump has launched with China may have shocked and somewhat destabilized the world trade and economy, but many Americans believe that China has to be brought under control, as it is aspiring to become the super power in the world replacing USA and is seeking to dominate the Asian neighbors. China’s aggression in Tibet and forcibly occupying the peaceful country and forcing the respected Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to move out of Tibet is still in the memory of the world even after six decades and this aggression of China has made all it’s neighbours fearful of China’s role and targets.

The fact is that China’s economic gains have been largely at the cost of USA, as USA has emerged as the largest export market for China and in the process slowly making US dependent on China to meet it’s requirement of certain goods and services to some extent.

Several Asian countries and even some European countries are silently appreciative of President trump’s trade war with China, realizing that it would ultimately benefit their interests and economy too.

Certainly, US business and trade would gain by the trade war with China and this is a definite strategy of President Trump in implementing his much publicized policy of “America first”.

The fact is that the immigrant policy of President Trump and his declared objective of protecting jobs for Americans in USA enjoy large level of support in USA, particularly since no other President in the recent past have the courage to take such initiatives. His blow hot and blow cold policy in dealing with Mexico with regard to immigrant issue seem to be now starting to pay dividend.

Many political analysts even think that in spite of strong and sustained media campaign against President Trump, his strong and decisive actions will get him one more term as President of USA.

Certainly, Trump is not going to change his ways. His recent praise of Congress man for assault on British reporter , calling the congress man “a tough cookie” is viewed by many people as “un President like “ outburst. But, this is the type of stuff that President Trump is made of.

All said and done, many Americans and perhaps, even observers in other countries may conclude that Trump’s governance is not as chaotic as it is made to look and his basic decisiveness in approach ultimately serve the interest of his country and this is what is expected from a US President.

N. S. Venkataraman

N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

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