Washington Draws Line In Relations With Iran – OpEd


By Vladimir Fedoruk

The U.S. will not hesitate to use any means, including force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. This was stated by U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta. He threatened to launch pre-emptive attacks if necessary.

The Americans suspect that there is a hidden facility in Iran that may be engaged in enriching nuclear fuel. In fact, there is no convincing evidence to this end. The surveillance services should find them. Earlier, Washington accused Teheran of developing nuclear weapons but now, it publicly said that Iran would have nuclear weapons within a year. Leon Panetta threatened to take measures to disrupt the appearance of nuclear weapons in Iran.

It’s not excluded that preparations are going on to launch an operation but the U.S. officials are talking about their intention to confirm their suspicion to put up a smoke-screen but later, to launch an operation. At the same time, the toughening of Washington’s rhetoric might be linked to its desire to oust the Iranian regime. This opinion was expressed by Professor Sergei Druzhilovsky at the Oriental Studies Department of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

“The Americans need a blitzkrieg – launch strikes, oust the regime and establish a puppet regime. The main thing is to oust the regime which is like a burr in the saddle for the U.S. If there is such a scenario, strikes will be launched for sure. The U.S. wants to oust Ahmadinejad rather than crush the nuclear industry. However, I do not see any possibility of ousting the Iranian regime as a result of foreign pressure on it. On the contrary, with the knowledge of Iranians and their Shiism and sacrifices I can say that the effect will be otherwise. If the Americans miscalculate this and get tangled up in an adventure, it will take years to get out of it,” Sergei Druzhilovsky said.

Nevertheless, Washington has drawn a red line in its relations with Teheran. It plans to act together with Israel to eliminate the Iranian threat. This will heighten the risk of a war in the region which will first and foremost hit the oil market, says an expert at Analytical Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, Vladimir Averchev.

“A war will sky rocket oil prices and the situation will reach close to a state of panic. In response to an attack, Iran is capable of closing the Strait of Ormuz through which the Gulf States export their oil. This will be a disastrous situation for the oil market,” Vladimir Averchev said.

Analysts link the toughening of anti-Iranian rhetoric with the U.S. presidential election campaign which is gaining momentum. The Republicans traditionally reproach the Democrats for their indecisiveness when it concerns national security. They will continue to exert more pressure and Barack Obama will be prompt to react. However, he will hardly decide to take any sharp steps before the elections, but it’s impossible to exclude a scenario of military interference. Moreover, the time framework given to the surveillance services to find a nuclear trail in Iran will expire by that time. A similar task was set concerning Iraq some time ago. Although weapons of mass destruction were not discovered Iraq was invaded. It’s unclear, whether the Pentagon will repeat the same scenario again.


VOR, or the Voice of Russia, was the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service from 1993 until 2014, when it was reorganised as Radio Sputnik.

One thought on “Washington Draws Line In Relations With Iran – OpEd

  • December 22, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    It is not a surprise to me who has been loud mouthed on this situation. Obama is having a tough time at home. Internationally also, US is loosing ground in the puppet Muslim nations slowly.

    As regards Iran, US has not forgotten their insult since the return of Khomeni in 1979 after ouster of Shah, who was a US proxy ruler. Current rulers hate US hegemony, rightly or wrongly, let the world decide. But this cold war between Iran and US has been simmering ever since.

    Now following this infamous Arab Spring, US is loosing its credibility all over the Islamic nations where US has become nearly a hate word. But that still doesn’t seem to bother US and her allies/UN.

    This has encouraged US to interfere in recent Russian elections where Putin was very unhappy of US interference and strong negative press reportings. Thus US wants to exert a role of global ombudsman.

    This has led US interfere in two styles. One by direct interference through state sponsored machinery like spying, press propagandas, inciting the indigenous disaffected groups by supplying them all help from money to machines. Second is their using the soft machinations via the church orchestrated religious dubious organ as an instrument for subversion.

    They plead it as religious organisation when caught and try to get away with all their crimes. Otherwise pervade in the society for conversion ideology and also act for the state concerned to help them in intel and in times of need, use as incendiary instruments by inciting hatred in the name of their mi nority rights and blah blah.

    When this is not met and a direct clash is incited, these western US Inc jump in the band wagon of human rights violations and etc. To operate this interfering activities, they require either a soft democracy like India or puppet regimes like in Islamic nations. Iran currently fits in none of this regimes. Hence Obama must start preparing his grounds right now, so that by the next November 2012, he can slowly set his state in a situation where he may give a patriotic call in US to wage a war, despite the nation facing an economic crisis.

    When a state leader is threatened of his existence, the individual vested interest always takes over the national interests. That is why I have have been forecasting for almost an year, “Will Obama fight one or two Wars, come November 2012”? I hope I am proved wrong but the chances are very grim. God bless


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