Iran: President Rouhani Calls For Constitutional Revision


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for a revision of the Constitution to introduce a multi-party system.

Speaking at a Monday meeting on basic and civil rights, Rouhani proposed a revision of the Constitution.

He said the Iranian Constitution has not been based upon a multi-party system, meaning that people vote for individuals, not parties, in the presidential, parliamentary, city council, or Assembly of Experts elections.

There is no “party filter” in Iran, as the Guardian Council is tasked with a series of vetting procedures, he said, adding that such problems should be addressed.

A constitutional revision would not be a problem if it is necessary, the president noted, adding, “Constitutions are scarcely revised in the world, but the (Iranian) Constitution has not changed for 31 years now.”

He said the Constitution had been initially devised for a 10-year period, as a series of revisions were made in the final years of late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini’s life. 

The Constitution has not been revised for the past 31 years, and it may need to change one time, the president added.

Rouhani further said that the Islamic Republic has survived because it is based upon the Republic system, elections, and the vote of people.

“The votes of people play a basic role, but we do not have a party system in our country unfortunately.” 

The processes would become a little bit difficult without a multi-party system, because the controversies and uproar surrounding the election would make the job difficult, the president added.

Tasnim News Agency

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