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Syria: Close To 100 Killed In Clashes


At least 96 people were killed on Saturday during violent clashes between insurgents and government forces in Syria. Some 60 dead had been found in the morgue of a hospital in the province of Idlib, reported a representative of the opposition.


According to Abu Omar, a Syrian dissident from the region Idlib, the victims were found in the morgue after being shot dead by security forces. They were detained for days and tortured to death, said Abu Omar. Among the victims were many women and children, he added.

There were other victims, according to opposition reports in a raid on a bus carrying prisoners in the province of Idlib. Also in the regions of Homs, Hama and Daraa some 10 people had been killed by security forces.

The state news agency Sana reported also that government troops have killed in the area around Tel Kalakh, near the Lebanese border, three people. It was claimed they were armed terrorists who had tried to smuggle weapons from Lebanon to Syria. The nationalities of those killed were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, the army deserters took control late Saturday the town of Duma near Damascus. This came after fierce battles with security forces. However, after few hours the deserters withdrew from the town.


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