Iraq: Multiple Rockets Land Near Baghdad International Airport, US-Led Coalition Base


Multiple rockets reportedly fell near Baghdad International Airport. There have also been reports of air-raid sirens going off inside Camp Victory, which houses US coalition forces. No casualties are being reported.

According to local media sources, a total of three rockets went off in the vicinity of the airport. Security forces are now examining the platforms from which the rockets were launched.

An independent video that has not been verified but is circulating on social media purports to show smoke rising from the Camp Victory military base, which is located in the area surrounding the airport.

According to a Sky News Arabia correspondent, at least one Iraqi has been reported as wounded from the blasts. 

The Baghdad International Airport has been an area targeted by multiple rocket attacks in the past. Three rockets were reportedly set off near the airport just in January. Multiple rockets landed on the perimeter of the airport in September, as well. The areas near the airport housing US troops have been seen as the main target of the frequent attacks. Washington has in the past blamed Iran-linked militia groups for rocket attacks against US troops in Iraq.

The Camp Victory Complex surrounds areas near the Baghdad International Airport and is one of the largest US military installations.

According to an Iraqi Army statement being cited by the media, the three rockets most recently launched landed on the perimeter of the airport. The first hit near Karkh prison, the second near a counterterrorism academy, and the third near a rapid response unit. 


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