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Norway: Over 80 Killed, Five Missing After Camp Shooting


From four to five people are missing after Friday’s massacre on Norway’s Utoya Island when a gunman, disguised as a policeman, killed over 80 people at the summer camp, Sky News said citing Norwegian police.

According to the latest reports, at least 98 people were killed in two separate attacks in Norway on Friday. The first one was a massive explosion at a government headquarters in Oslo. The second one followed several hours later, when a gunman open a fire at people in a summer camp on the Utoya Island, near the capital.


Over 80 people reported to have been killed in camp massacre with up to five missing.

A 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, arrested on Friday, is seen as the main suspect into the camp massacre. He is also believed to have been one of those linked to Oslo bombing.

The man, an Oslo resident, is believed to belong to right-extremist groups in eastern Norway. He is unlikely to be linked to international terrorist organizations, police said.

Police also dismissed any terrorist groups’ trace in the Norwegian tragedy.

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