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Israel-US Discuss Best Timing To Launch Middle East Peace Plan


Talks currently held between US special envoy for the peace process Jason Greenblatt and Israeli officials could have tackled details of US plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli media reported.


Until Saturday evening, no meeting was held between Head of the centrist Kahol Lavan Party (Blue and White) Benny Gantz and Greenblatt, who had earlier met with incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Despite reports on a meeting scheduled for Friday between Greenblatt and Gantz, the latter’s office announced that he had not been invited to such a meeting.

Israeli sources have suggested that Greenblatt and US ambassador to Israel David Friedman prefer dealing with Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump’s friend.

Americans believe that forming a unity government would be more suitable to be able to promote the deal Trump is working on because a narrow right-wing government may face difficulties in implementing the terms of the peace plan.

Greenblatt and Netanyahu made no comments to reporters following their meeting at the Premier’s residence that was attended by Israel’s ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer and Friedman.


“Jason Greenblatt will hold talks with various parties on US-Israel relations, regional dynamics and the US government’s peace efforts,” the US embassy in Israel said.

Israeli media said talks might have tackled the best timing to launch the US peace plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

It is noteworthy that Greenblatt had arrived in Israel on Thursday on a visit believed to be aimed at verifying whether the time has come to announce the deal of the century, and the best time to release it, either during coalition negotiations or once the government is formed.

It is also suggested that Greenblatt’s current visit is also aimed at influencing the political system in Israel and making sure the deal of the century will be part of the consultations to form the next government.

The US envoy will also try to pave the way for the deal and try to reduce objections.

The election’s results in Israel, in which Netanyahu suffered a defeat, seem to have overshadowed the US peace plan.

With nearly all votes counted Thursday, the centrist Blue and White party stood at 33 seats in Israel’s 120-seat parliament. Netanyahu’s conservative Likud stood at 31 seats.

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One thought on “Israel-US Discuss Best Timing To Launch Middle East Peace Plan

  • September 23, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    There has been no plan for peace in the Middle East. Trump-Kushner plan is trying to purge the Palestinian people and to deport them to other Arab countries or other countries in the world for money given by the Arabs’ friends of Trump. It also askes the Palestinians to submit to the zionist settlers. The plan tries to give additional land water from other Arab countries such as Syria and Lebanon and Jordan. And whether Ntenyahu wins or loses will not make any difference.
    If there was a plan, the plan would sign first by Trump-Kushner friends such as MBS and other Arabs of the Gulf states and others who are supporting the plan. Trump has been trying to find with the threats of sanctions and aids but hs gotten nothing.
    Assuming there is a plan, but if this plan is not signed by the Palestinians, the Syrian government, Jordan, and Lebanon then the plan is dead. And it was dead from the starting point. Trump did it for Israel and Israel’s supporters only without taking into consideration what the USA was trying to achieve, which is the two-state solution.
    At any rate, Trump’s decisions and Plan, if he has one, will entangle in the USA in many wars in the future in the geography of the Middle East. The Middle East has been having lethal resistance groups that have defeated Israel twice and defeated the USA as well. Overtime, these forces, called by the USA as terrorists because they do not submit to the Americans and Israel, are getting stronger and are willing to die for their land.
    In short, the American’s settler Model applied in the USA will not have a success in the Middle East. Tweetings, talkings, and propagenda will not work in the long rrun and people of the world know that the USA is not a peace maker. This is what Trump has accomplished.


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