Sri Lanka: Sirisena To Hold Special Meeting With SLFP Parliamentary Group Members


Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena will hold a special meeting with the members of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Parliamentary Group at the Presidential Secretariat, today (23).

The meeting will be held at 4.00 pm at the Presidential Secretariat.

Relatedly, Sirisena said this weekend he would make the required political, economic and social transformations in the country.

“Even as a ten months old government we have already taken action to make plenty of political changes required by the country. Accordingly, we have established nine commissions to make those changes a reality. We have appointed members for that through the Constitutional Council without considering any political friendship or influence”, the President said.

“These are not changes which make your stomach enjoy, but make our country happy. We also will take instant actions when there are possibilities for changes to make your stomach happy”, Sirisena further stated.

“We made a price control of essential food items to prevent increase of the cost of living. Though the prices of food items increased due to climate and weather conditions, the government is ready to give relief to the people whenever possible”, Sirisena said.

President Sirisena pointed out that many decisions have been taken through budget – 2016for long term effects to take the country forward as a government. He pointed out the government’s aim is to build the country economically and socially through long term investments.

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