Iran Begins 60% Uranium Enrichment In Fordow


The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced the beginning of new nuclear activities on Tuesday, including the production of UF6 with a purity of 60% for the first time at the country’s Fordow nuclear facility. 

In a statement on Tuesday, the AEOI expounded on the latest nuclear activities at Ahmadi Roshan and Alimohammadi nuclear facilities, located in Natanz and Fordow, respectively.

It said Iran has for the first time started to produce UF6 with a purity of 60% at Fordow, while the previous process of 60% uranium enrichment in Natanz is still in progress.

The AEOI also noted that replacing the first generation of centrifuge machines with advanced IR-6 centrifuges at Fordow would increase the output at the site dramatically.

The organization also announced that it has begun to set up eight new chains in the Shop B (unit 1) at Fordow, saying the process will take place in stages considering the need for infrastructures.

On the new developments in Natanz, the AEOI said it has started to inject uranium gas into two chains of advanced IR-2M and IR-4 centrifuge machines there.

The passivation process of two other chains of IR-2M and IR-4 centrifuges has started in Natanz site, the statement added, noting that the gas injection process will kick off within the next few days.

It went on to say that the process of formation of the B1000 unit with the capacity of eight new units has begun at the Natanz site, noting that the operation will be carried out step-by-step considering the need for the preparation of infrastructures.

A few days ago, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami had warned that the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors’ “unconstructive” move to pass a resolution against Iran would draw a strong response from Tehran.

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