US Elite And Media Unable To Get Rid Of Trump – OpEd


By Gorazd Velkovski

U.S. Elections are indeed a beautiful thing.

The way American elections work is, well, pretty special. There are only two political parties: Democrats and Republicans. The US elite assisted by their corporate controlled media will hand pick two same different candidates and will let the Americans choose one of their candidates.

In essence, it doesn’t matter who gets elected or which political party wins since both candidates (Republicans and Democrats) are completely controlled by corporate interests, or what the Americans call, the 1%.

It works out perfectly because the entire process looks somewhat democratic, even though it isn’t.

What is interesting is that their so called mainstream media would not let another party candidate (ex: Green Party) or anyone else for that matter be involved in debates or be given any TV time. Americans can’t know anyone else exists, you either go Democrat, or Republican.

The system is perfectly designed. The 1% will pick their two guys, and will let the lesser people (the 99%) vote for one of them. The 99% vote for their guy anyways, but at least they get to vote, right?!

I must admit, this is pretty clever, astonishingly undemocratic indeed, but very clever.

The system worked great until the Donald showed up.

I can’t say I’ve great interest in American elections, but I had to watch their debates because of the Donald. Just in passing I’ll admit that never saw any of the Democrat debates because Hillary is their “man”, regardless of what the party or Americans think, this has already been decided by U.S. Inc.

Back to the Donald.

It is utterly hilarious to watch US Media trying to follow orders and bring down the Donald. Yet, somehow, after each interview or debate Tump comes out on top! Time and time again US presstitutes would attempt what is popularly known as “character assassination”, by asking Trump “Why are you racist” even though he isn’t, or “Why do you hate women so much”, and somehow nothing has worked to bring him down. By the way, Trump responded he apparently hated only hated Rosie O’Donnell, but he loves women. His responses are always geniune, sometimes plain funny.

What makes it even stranger is that his own Republican party that he sort of belongs to (if you’re not Democrat or Republican you cannot run) has worked behind the scenes to stab him in the back, but again, nothing has worked.

So there is a big issue here. On one side you have the U.S. elite and their media who will not let someone they have no control over in the White House. They need a puppet, and Trump doesn’t appear to be one. On the other side you have the Americans who seems to be enjoying everything about Trump.

I would always place my bet on the American citizens, however knowing that electronic voting machines were introduced in about a dozen U.S. states with election fraud being their primary objective, things will certainly be quite interesting.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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