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Iran Tells EU, E3 That JCPOA Renegotiation Out Of Question


Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reminded the remaining JCPOA participants during a recent ministerial meeting that it was the “last chance” for the EU and E3 – France, Germany, and the UK – to save the nuclear deal and that any renegotiation is “out of question”.


“At Ministerial Meeting of remaining JCPOA participants, I emphasized: 1. Last chance for E3/EU to save the JCPOA; 2. Iran-EU 2014-2019 trade data proves E3/EU have gravely breached their JCPOA obligations; 3. E3 share the blame with US for irreparable harm to Iranians; 4. JCPOA timetable is inseparable from the accord. Renegotiation is out of question; 5. Our region’s crises & arms are mainly imported from US/E3. But we collectively decided to exclude these issues; 6. “Democracies” cannot ask Iran to violate parliamentary legislation; And last but not least: 7. ALL must return to effective JCPOA compliance. Iran will rapidly reverse remedial measures in response to US unlawful withdrawal—and blatant E3 breaches—when US/E3 perform their duties. The Iranian people MUST feel the effects of sanctions lifting,” Zarif said in a string of tweets hours after a ministerial meeting of the JCPOA remaining parties was held virtually on Monday.

The meeting was chaired by the European Union’s foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell. It was initially planned to be held in Vienna on December 16, however, it was later moved online.

The delegations of the remaining parties, namely Iran, China, Russia, the UK, France and Germany spoke remotely from the capitals of the parties to the deal and issued a joint statement at the conclusion of the informal online meeting.

“JCPOA participants re-emphasized their commitment to preserve the agreement and stressed their respective efforts in this regard. They discussed that full and effective implementation of the JCPOA by all remains crucial and discussed the need to address ongoing implementation challenges, including on nuclear non-proliferation and sanctions lifting commitments,” read part of the statement.


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