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Saudi Arabia: Arrested 13 Pakistanis, 3 Saudis In Raid On Daesh Hideout


Sixteen people have been arrested by Saudi authorities after a police raid on a Daesh hideout on Saturday in Jeddah, the countries interior ministry announced on Tuesday.

Thirteen of the sixteen suspects in custody are Pakistani nationals and the other three Saudi citizens, according to the ministry.

Saturday’s police raid ended with two Daesh members detonated their explosive vest in Southern Jeddah after a police operation.

The bombers, both Saudis, were named as Khaled Ghazi Al-Serwani and Nadi Marzouq Al-Mudhayani.

Saturday’s raid ended with the arrest of two suspects, Hussam Al-Juhani, a Saudi, and his Pakistani wife, Fatima Ramadan Balouchi. Authorities announced the name of her brother, Abdurahman Ramadan Balouchi, among those Pakistanis detained.

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Arab News

Arab News

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