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Armenian President Sarkissian Resigns


Armenian President Armen Sarkissian resigned on Sunday, January 23, according to a statement on his official website.


Sarkissian was appointed to the post on April 9, 2018. According to him, the reason he did not resign after now Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan staged massive protests and took office in the spring of 2018 was “the responsibility I took on as President of the Republic.”

“I have thought for a very long time, and after almost four years of active work, I have decided to resign from the post of President of Armenia. This is absolutely not an emotional decision, and it’s a result of certain logic,” Sarkissian said.

He noted that “the president does not have the necessary tools to influence the fundamental processes of domestic and foreign policy in this difficult period for the country and the nation.”

“In this difficult time for our state, when national unity is needed, the institution of the president should not be the object of gossip and conspiracy theories, thereby diverting public attention from the most important issues. Today, more than ever, we need meaningful, thoughtful actions. Otherwise, we, the Armenians of the whole world, will not achieve the goal of our mission, we will find ourselves on the sidelines of history. We no longer have the right to make mistakes,” he added.



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