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Online personnel services limited during migration


Air Force customers will have limited access to online personnel information and applications from Feb. 23 to 27 while officials here migrate the Air Force Personnel Services website and knowledge management platform to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Enterprise Computing Center.

During this period, customers will have limited access to secure applications linked from the personnel services website and Air Force Portal. Customer service capabilities will also be affected at the Total Force Service Center.

Customers accessing the website will also not be able to perform some personnel processing actions through the Virtual Military Personnel Flight application. Retirement, retraining, duty history information and Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records actions will also be unavailable. Active-duty Airmen receiving e-mail notifications of new assignments will still be able to access vMPF to acknowledge their assignments. Guard and Reserve members’ access to the Virtual Personnel Center-Guard and Reserve website is not affected by this phase of the DISA migration.

According to Tim Moore, the TFSC operations manager in San Antonio, call center representatives will still be able to use some personnel systems to process customer inquiries.

They will be able to access the automated records management system and the military personnel data system. They will also be able to update military records and emergency data information.

Migrating the Air Force’s system for delivering personnel services is necessary in order to upgrade the application that manages the website, personnel knowledge base and customer service functions, officials said.

All active-duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian Airmen can create an account at to log into the personnel services website using their common access card or a login name and password. Once they have an account created, they will be able to access personnel services, applications and information from home or any military computer.

Airmen accessing the information from certain personal-use Web browsers may need to download Department of Defense root certificates at if they are having difficulties accessing the personnel services website.

Here are the password requirements for users to create a new account to access the personnel services website:

— Password cannot be the same as the user’s ID

— Password cannot be the same as the user’s social security number

— Password must be at least 15 characters

— Password must contain at least one uppercase letter

— Password must contain at least one lowercase letter

— Password must contain at least one number

— Password must contain at least one special character

Users who have not been issued a CAC and are having difficulties creating an account on the website will need to call the Personnel Systems Operations Control Center at 210-565-5004.

For more information on available personnel services during the DISA migration, call the TFSC at 800-525-0102.

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