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Sudden Collapse Of Mahathir’s Government: Will People Accept This Backdoor-Government? – OpEd


Chaos. Mayhem The coronavirus infection of Malaysian politics. Something we have expected to happen but unsure if it would happen. Until yesterday when hell broke loose and the total damage to our political-economic and social stability is yet to be seen. What a betrayal. What a bunch of losers we voted into power back in May, two years ago. Little did the voters knew that this magnitude of no-shame politics would happen, derailing all the possible plans we had for a truly multicultural social evolution.

I was about to write this week’s column on how we ought to brace together as a nation facing the foreseeable pandemic. “Love in the time of Corona” as we should think about, a phrase I borrowed with apologies to the title of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, Love in the time of Cholera.

And then this came. Back door government in the making. What then must the rakyat do? How angry I am sure we all are being played up by those who think that they can fool us.

I wrote these thoughts which hopefully reflect what we all are feeling about this sudden display of spineless politics. Of a game of musical chairs with Death Metal music playing in the background.

In the tradition of a Jamaica Kinchaid rant, I say these in the following paragraphs. You can add more after reading:

Our grave concerns

Maybe the new government may not happen. Maybe the plan will be stopped by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong? A counter-checkmate in place? Or, will the new government materialize and be a haven for old and dying crooks, hobos, parasites, parachuted-politicians and robber-barons seeking blessings and pardons?

Dissolve Parliament, I’d say. It will be fair for the voters. Let the hypocrites face the voters, let the rakyat deal with the betrayal. The battle for power will be intense. But I hope no huge rally should be planned. We now have the coronavirus scare. Online protests will be ok.

Just when we are about to see a multicultural sensibility developing, we are seeing a political multipolar disorder surfacing. In the North, this is called “Politik Pelingkup Haprak” (Untrustworthy politicians) where they will “pelekoh” (beat someone to a pulp) each other. 

Rakyat will “mati kering” (die standing). Useless, senseless, spineless, ridiculous bunch of politicians we have. Only concerned with saving their wealth, power, dynasty.

What will the next elections mean anymore? What else is there to vote for? Expect authoritarianism and anarchy to reign? Malaysians will see a long period of instability, at a time when we need to manage the Wuhan effect on our lives and economy.

Pakatan Harapan today

Pakatan Harapan is now the destroyer of the people’s hope. The #UndiRosak folks were right then.

Ministers in DAP and PKR are now scrambling to find other jobs. It’s like Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice. What a country! Harapan ministers, in general, are now worried who will lose their jobs. Theirs was a short-term employment. They were “political-temps” made glamorous. They are now clearing their desks as we are reading about this huge mess.

Joyous-weeping Malaysians just voted for a half-term government. The poker players shifted the goal post, laughing to the bank. One man saving himself and his family brought down politics of the entire country. Welcome to the show that never ends.The birth of Umno 3.0 today and a new Pakatan Nasional signify the most destructive fundamental shift in latter-day Malaysian politics, at a time when we are hoping for stability so that peace and social justice can be the foundation of our economic growth. 

But well good luck, Malaysians. You voted for change!

My call is this: O’ Malays, care not just about halal food but about halal politicians and if they get halal income. Open your eyes to hypocrisy.

As badass-gangsta-prez as Trump is, Americans still have choices every four years. In Malaysia, the choice is long buried. Malaysia does not have any credible replacement as yet. To replace a toxic culture of political patronage now brewed to madness.

End of a “theory”

The “Rahman Theory” is over in Malaysian politics. It’s the age of 3M. Mahathir. Then Muhyiddin. Then Mukriz. Perhaps. Your guess is as good as mine. Then comes now the age of madness. To Mahathir, the 1998 Reformasi March to his residence and the aftermath of the 1997 Tom Yum effect seems like yesterday. This vendetta has brought the nation down the drain of history.

I have always said this: Trust not those you see wearing the mask of “Islam” these days. Behind that may lie a big license to plunder, rob, con, steal! Those who embezzled billions today are mainly Malay-Muslim leaders. From Tabung Haji to Tabung Hajjah to Tabung Palestine!We are all saying ensure rule of law & welfare of all Malaysians, please. Stop protecting only Malays. Especially leaders who embezzle everything!

Voters gave the mandate with their sweat and tears of hope, the government gave the last laugh. Politics of urination, I call it. The work of American pop artist Andy Warhol in that genre called “Oxidation” seems holier.

Essentially this game of survival of PAS-Umno-Bersatu alliance is selfish, immoral, and dangerous. Think about it. Its consequences.The longer one is in power, the more fearful one becomes, of being investigated for the abuse of power. Lousy is the culture of “power transition,” Malaysia needs to learn at least about and from the US primaries. Something’s wrong with the Malaysian system of “power-transition” when one refuses to get out and one knocking hard, to get in.

If and when “Pakatan Nasional” is born, the voters & rakyat are fooled, big time. And what was that last GE and Bersih rally about? A big con pre-ordained?

Politicians don’t care and don’t serve. They just want to keep their job. Taking as much while they ride the gravy train. A post-hypocritical world we’re in. Politics means pathos. Politicians aren’t worth a dime. Post-existentialism is in for me.

Malaysians have been asking: What’s up with the transition of power? Nobody wants to leave. Too risky. Chaos looming. Our pathos. Those who voted for the new government are now served with a new soap opera of power transition. It is a betrayal of the voter’s trust. A waste of time spent on casting that precious vote.

Now, “Have a cigar” Pink Floyd’s song on corporate-crony success playing in my head. As I continue to read the story on bribery, robbery, hypocrisy in the never-ending game of Malaysian politics.What then must the voters do?We seemed doomed.

From high hopes to shattered dreams. As I wrote about recently.

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Dr. Azly Rahman

Dr. Azly Rahman is an academician, educator, international columnist, and author of nine books He holds a Columbia University (New York City) doctorate in international education development and Master's degrees in six areas: education, international affairs, peace studies, communication, fiction, and non-fiction writing. He is a member of the Columbia University chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. Twitter @azlyrahman. More writings here. His latest book, a memoir, is published by Penguin Books is available here.

3 thoughts on “Sudden Collapse Of Mahathir’s Government: Will People Accept This Backdoor-Government? – OpEd

  • February 25, 2020 at 7:57 am

    It wasn’t Mahathir who betrayed us.
    It was mediocre Muhyyidin and PM aspirant Azmin Ali who attempted a coup de’tat.
    Mahathir quirt because he refuses to work with the Pakatan Nasional comprisng of corrupt UMNO.
    He simply refuse to working with UMNO.
    You write up is dated by event unfolding.
    Mahathir is now the Interim Prime Minister.

  • February 26, 2020 at 3:47 am

    Too simplistic and apologetic is your analysis. Study more the historical and psychological context of this individual, I suggest.

  • February 27, 2020 at 9:38 am

    wow!! Have you no shame. making your own speculation and claim it as the opinion of Malaysians?
    Whatever you’re trying to do, perhaps you’ll earn some sort of benefit from these shameful writings, Malaysia needs Tun Dr M, it doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or foe, no one could deny the government change 22 months ago was the best thing that happens to M’sia.


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