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Nicaragua Makes Headway On CSR And Economic Growth – OpEd


On March 23, 2018 the Embassy of Nicaragua in Washington reported that Managua has experienced a significant growth of revenues from national mining sector.

According to the leadership of HEMCO, a subsidiary of Colombia’s mining company of MINEROS, their plant in Nicaragua has generated in 2017 over US$135 million in revenue, 21.1 percent more than the amount registered in 2016. According to representatives of MINEROS; “in 2017 the Gold production in Nicaragua has experienced an extraordinary performance as a result it has served well to alleviate the tightening of mining production in Colombia.”

Furthermore, Japanese business leaders have their eyes on Nicaragua; logistics and shipping companies are increasing their presence in Central America. Mr. Aaron Guerrero, a regional representative of Japan’s One Line shipping company, announced the intention of his firm to begin its operations in Nicaragua this year. In a press conference Guerrero stated: “we are glad to be in Nicaragua. Japan’s One Line is the sixth largest shipping company in the world and has a network of partners in more than 100 countries offering expedited, modern and high-quality service.”

As of March 2018, the Nueva Guinea Municipality located in Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region (RACS), will have a biogas energy production program that will ensure a full supply of electricity and water pumping for its residents and local businesses. In a press conference, Nicaraguan officials announced that: “the new biogas energy system will ensure electricity, water pumping and bio fertilizers to improve production of Robusta coffee and pineapple. This project is expected to lower production costs by more than US$ 32,000 per year.”

Corporate Social Responsibility has garnered a special attention among major international corporations operating in Nicaragua. In this context, Nestlé Nicaragua is contributing with all its knowledge, research outcomes and human potential towards improving the nutritional levels and wellbeing of youth and children in Nicaragua.

In March 2018, Nestlé signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the local Zamora Terán Foundation that will focus on the development of programs focused on “Learning how to eat well”. The objective of Nestlé Nicaragua program is to strengthen the national nutrition education level of Nicaragua’s kids, youth, students and teenagers.

Moreover, Nestlé Nicaragua is financing this project with US$10,000.00, in addition to providing its valuable experience in nutrition, cutting edge expertise in health and well being among youth and students in general. Nestlé’s funding will further support the following imperative components including: pedagogical training in schools, learning progress and outcomes, evaluation and technological innovation.

According to Mr. Salvador Pimentel, general manager of Nestlé Nicaragua, “[his] team is very proud to sign this memorandum of understanding that will directly benefit the kids of Nicaragua, the project has begun in two major public schools of the country: José Benito Escobar High School in Matagalpa and Corazón de Jesús High School in Managua.”

On March 13, 2018, La PRENSA, a prestigious Nicaraguan newspaper reported that Cargill is contributing with US$20,000.00 worth of educational packages being donated to public schools across Nicaragua. There will be 26 schools located in Ticuantepe, Tipitapa, Masaya, Nindirí, Chinandega and Chichigalpa that will receive six thousand educational packages to be distributed to students and kindergarten program kids in elementary schools, there will also be included educational materials for 250 professors and teachers.

Cargill’s initiative begun four years ago and it is part of a nationwide Project focused on “Feeding the Future”. This initiative aspires to cause a positive impact in the educational centers and population of Nicaragua, especially in those areas where Cargill is operating. These didactical packages and pertinent materials will be distributed by over 500 volunteers of Cargill, in the rural and urban sites of Nicaragua.

According to Mr. Gilberto Guzmán, General Manager of Cargill Nicaragua: “in addition to the A Initiative of classes with Cargill, the company is currently investing on the training of professors on methodological guides for the appropriate food and beverage consumption as well as improving the nutritional state of affairs across the central American nation.”

Cargill is committed to strengthen the presence of family farming and gardening, improving education infrastructure in public schools across the country. President Daniel Ortega’s leadership has brought concrete results in Nicaragua’s economic growth, infrastructure improvement and in the context of globalized presence of his country’s products and services.

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Peter Tase

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