Black Friday Is Dead Serious: Could PM Gillard Be Charged?


Today’s “Wear Black” campaign to mark the death of fiscal responsibility on the first anniversary of Julia Gillard becoming Prime Minister has been a great success, according to the man behind the campaign.

Federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz – a member of the federal economics committee – said getting the message out was the primary aim.

“In my electorate and around the country we are seeing people struggle under the pressure caused by the Rudd-Gillard governments’ economic incompetency,” he said.

Mr Buchholz cited nineteen taxes or proposed taxes, including the carbon tax which is being implemented on the back of a broken promise.

“Alcopops tax, changes to superannuation, restrictions on business loses, changes to the employee share scheme, the cigarette tax hike, the mining tax fiasco, ethanol tax increases, an LPG excise increase, restrictions on Medicare, increase in luxury car tax, the flood levy, tax increase on company cars, the abolition of the entrepreneurs tax offset, phasing out the dependant spouse tax offset – the list goes on and on and on.”

“Financial responsibility has been replaced by government waste like the NBN, the insulation debacle, the education stuff-up and now the dishonest carbon tax,” Mr Buchholz said.

He said if the government was running a private corporation the entire cabinet would be sacked by now. “The Prime Minister has misled the shareholders of Australia and has not been honest. This is a criminal offence in the corporate world and if she was a company CEO she could be charged,” he said.

The MP believes this truly is a day of national mourning and was deadly serious about asking people to treat it as such and wear black today.

“This is no gimmick. I call on the Prime Minister to come to the seat of Wright and ask the people there if they are celebrating her first year as our national leader. They are too busy trying to pay the bills after her government’s shocking economic management of our country,” he said.

Mr Buchholz said the success of his campaign is not dependent on people wearing black. “We’ve already seen success because we are holding this government to account and exposing their wasteful spending that is destroying people’s lives.”

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