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ISAF And Pakistan Military Meet To Discuss Border Incident


A joint Pakistani and International Security Assistance Force assessment of a June 17 border incident at Ziarat Outpost at the Afghanistan / Pakistan border concluded June 21, despite insurgents firing at the outpost during the discussions., the ISAF said Thursday.

Meeting at the outpost where the incident took place between Nangarhar province and Mohmand Agency, Pakistan, officials praised the restraint shown by ISAF and Pakistani forces in preventing a serious incident from occurring. While it was confirmed that there had been an inadvertent exchange of fire between ISAF and Pakistani forces, there were no injuries during the incident.

The joint investigation, requested by Pakistani Chief of Staff of the Army General Ashfaq Kayani, noted the restraint demonstrated by both sides while acknowledging that policies and procedures need to be improved.

“We appreciate the swift action that ISAF has taken to investigate this incident,” said Brig. Gen. Khattak Usman, deputy inspector general for the Frontier Scouts. “This is key to our mutual understanding and preventing what could have been a tragic event.”

The ISAF team leader for the assessment echoed Usman’s comments.

“This level of cooperation and dialogue extends much farther than the border,” said Brig. Gen. Tim Zadalis, ISAF Joint Command director of air plans. “Each time we can sit down and speak face to face like this is a significant step forward for security across the region.”

Both generals expressed their belief that these types of assessment will continue to improve the coordination of operations against the insurgents in the border area.

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