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Statement By President Donald Tusk Following Meeting With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas


By European Council President Donald Tusk


Dear President, dear friend, today I had the pleasure to meet you again, after my visit to Ramallah last year, and to discuss our relationship and the situation in the region.

The EU has been working with the Palestinian Authority to help build the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian state, living side-by-side with Israel and its neighbours. Rest assured, the European Union will remain a strong and reliable partner in this. We will continue to provide financial support to Palestinian social and economic development.

Of course, for these investments to bear fruit in terms of stability and sustainable socio-economic development, there needs to be peaceful co-existence, with two independent national states, Israel and Palestine.

Two days ago, I also met Israeli President Rivlin, and I urged Israel to put an end to illegal settlement activity and demolitions, which put into question the two-state solution. And in the same way, I have also condemned the recent acts of violence, such as the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv two weeks ago. There can be no progress unless there is an end to violence, and to incitement. Palestinians also need to work seriously on their internal reconciliation.

The EU is – and will remain – one of your closest partners. I am determined to work with you for a better future for the Palestinian people and for the whole region. Thank you, Mr President.


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