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Iran Says Female Spy Detains In Oil Ministry


An Iranian lawmaker said the country’s security forces have captured a female spy who had infiltrated into the Oil Ministry.


Abolfazl Aboutorabi told Tasnim on Sunday that the detainee is an Iranian lady who had infiltrated into the Oil Ministry, was in contact with 16 ministerial managers, and had plans to influence them.

Describing the Oil Ministry as Iran’s Achilles’ heel under the foreign sanctions, the MP said, “Since our county is being run with oil incomes, oil is a heavyweight of the country, that’s why the arrogance tries to impact on the (Oil) Ministry and disrupt the country’s oil sales.”

A few days ago, a report by Tasnim revealed that a financial officer working with the Oil Ministry has been arrested before fleeing the country, charged with embezzling $25 million.

According to the report, the chief financial officer of the ministry had withdrawn $25 million from the Oil Ministry’s account and had wired the money to the account of a foreign currency exchange dealer.

The administrative official and the dealer had plans to transfer the large sum to a foreign country, it added.


Hours later, the Oil Ministry dismissed the report, saying there is no such position as “chief financial officer” at the oil ministry.

Tasnim News Agency

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