A Continuing Threat To Pakistan’s Security Forces – OpEd


In the midst of a renewed wave of terrorism in Pakistan, the country’s security forces have become prime targets for nefarious activities. In a relentless pursuit to maintain peace and security, the Pakistan Army is engaged in extensive operations to neutralize these threats, often encountering perilous obstacles such as landmines. Over the past two weeks, two significant landmine incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have underscored the dangers faced by these brave individuals.

In the most recent incident, a landmine exploded under a security forces’ vehicle in the Sada area of Kurram district. This tragic event claimed the lives of five young soldiers, who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty. A rigorous clearance operation is currently underway to eliminate any remaining terrorist threats in the area. Just a week prior, another landmine blast in Lakki Marwat resulted in the loss of seven soldiers. These young men gave their lives to secure a peaceful future for the nation, exemplifying unparalleled courage and dedication.

The valor and sacrifices of Pakistan’s security forces are unparalleled in history. Their unwavering commitment to protecting the nation is deeply appreciated by the country’s leadership. President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, and Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi have all expressed profound regret over the recent landmine explosions. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has reiterated its determination to eradicate terrorism from the country. President Zardari praised the patriotism and sense of duty exhibited by the Pakistan Army, while Prime Minister Sharif prayed for the martyrs’ high status and extended his condolences to their families. He emphasized that the fight against terrorism would continue until its complete eradication and that justice would be served to those responsible.

In a significant breakthrough, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has dismantled an organized network of explosives smugglers in the Mohmand region. This network, which spanned across six districts, posed a substantial threat to national security. The CTD’s success in busting this network highlights the ongoing efforts to curb the spread of terrorism and protect future generations from the scourge of fear and violence.

The National Action Plan, serving as the strategic framework for counter-terrorism efforts, must be continually updated and implemented to address the evolving security landscape. The sacrifices of Pakistan’s brave soldiers reinforce the nation’s resolve to create a secure and terror-free environment. Their legacy will inspire continued vigilance and commitment to peace and security, ensuring that future generations can live without the shadow of terrorism.

The latest incident in Kurram district serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threat posed by landmines. These deadly devices are often employed by terrorists to disrupt military operations and inflict casualties on security forces. The five soldiers who lost their lives in Sada were part of a mission to clear the area of such threats, a task that remains perilous and fraught with danger. Their sacrifice highlights the immense risks faced by those on the front lines of the battle against terrorism.

A week earlier, the blast in Lakki Marwat claimed seven more lives, further illustrating the ongoing challenges in ensuring the safety and security of the nation. The loss of these young soldiers is a heavy blow to their families and the nation at large. However, their bravery and dedication serve as a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of the Pakistan Army. Each loss strengthens the resolve of their comrades and the nation’s determination to fight terrorism to its bitter end.

The leadership of Pakistan has been vocal in its condemnation of these attacks and in expressing solidarity with the families of the fallen soldiers. President Asif Ali Zardari’s tribute to the patriotism and sense of duty of the Pakistan Army reflects the nation’s deep respect and appreciation for their sacrifices. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s prayers for the martyrs and his commitment to continuing the fight against terrorism underscore the government’s resolve to protect its citizens and secure a peaceful future.

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for relentless efforts to bring terrorists to justice. The government’s resolve to end terrorism is further strengthened by the recent successes of the CTD. The dismantling of the explosives smuggling network in Mohmand is a critical victory in the broader fight against terrorism. This network’s reach across six districts posed a significant threat, and its disruption is a testament to the effectiveness of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism strategies.

Moving forward, it is imperative that the National Action Plan is continuously reviewed and updated to address the dynamic nature of terrorist threats. The evolving tactics of terrorists necessitate a flexible and adaptive approach to counter-terrorism. The plan must incorporate the latest intelligence, technology, and best practices to remain effective. The sacrifices of Pakistan’s soldiers are a stark reminder of the ongoing battle and the need for unwavering commitment to peace and security.

The future of Pakistan depends on the collective efforts of its people and government to eradicate terrorism. The legacy of the soldiers who have given their lives in this fight is a call to action for all. Their bravery and dedication are a source of inspiration and a reminder of the high stakes involved. As Pakistan continues its journey towards a peaceful and secure future, the sacrifices of these young men will not be forgotten. Their memory will live on as a testament to the enduring spirit of the nation and its unwavering commitment to defeating terrorism.

Dr. Hamza Khan

Dr. Hamza Khan has a Ph.D. in International Relations, and focuses on contemporary issues related to Europe and is based in London, UK.

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