Iranian Hackers Leak Footage Of Conditions Inside Evin Prison


A group of hackers known as Edalat Ali, or “Ali’s Justice” published hacked footage from Tehran’s Evin Prison security cameras.

According to the Human Rights News Agency, the group claimed to have hacked the prison’s security cameras, showing footage from the control room and maltreatment of prison authorities with prisoners.

The group wrote on the control room’s monitors that Evin prison is “shame on Ebrahim Raisi” and there will be nationwide protests until all political prisoners are released.

In a part of the footage, a prisoner has passed out in the prison courtyard, and prison guards drag him away. In another part, an inmate passes out on the stairs.

According to a statement published by the group, they seek to “reveal human rights violations” as the first step to stop it.

They also wrote that the Iranian regime’s horrific treatment of people on the streets, in universities, prisons, will be revealed.

Tehran’s Evin Prison

With a capacity detaining 15,000 people, Tehran’s Evin Prison has built a reputation for Iran’s rampant political repression.

Standing at the foot of the Alborz Mountains in northwestern Tehran, Evin Prison has held hundreds of peaceful activists, journalists, intellectuals, and human rights lawyers throughout its history. Inmates are held in overcrowded cells in unsanitary and poorly ventilated conditions, leading to critical health problems. Prisoners, especially political dissidents are tortured into forced confessions.

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