Bahrain PM Hails Free Democratic By-Elections


Bahraini Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa on Saturday lauded the ambience of freedom and democracy which characterized the electoral process.

In statements carried by the official news agency (BNA), Prime Minister Khalifa also hailed citizens’ keenness to cast their ballots in order to help usher in a new chapter of democracy in Bahrain.

“The massive popular turnout has revealed citizens’ keenness to be partners in building Bahrain, boosting democracy and maintaining national unity and growth,” he stressed.

“Bahrain’s civilizational and development achievements will be maximized over time thanks to a quantum and qualitative growth as the government is keen to build a better Bahrain.” He described Saturday’s parliamentary by-elections an unprecedented historical event and a democratic form in Bahrain.

“Bahraini people’s determination to take part positively in the by-elections has asserted that we are on the right path toward a better future, ” he said.

He also pledged to ensure security in the kingdom so as it remains an oasis of peace and stability.

“The Bahraini people have set a wonderful example of patriotism by rushing to take part in the by-elections in order to protect hard-won national achievements.”

The Prime Minister also asserted the government’s keenness to maintain cooperation with the legislative power so as to achieve citizens’ aspirations.

Bahrain held Saturday to by-elections to elect 14 new lawmakers after 18 MPs resigned.

Up to 55 nominees competed for the 14 seats. Four, including a woman candidate, had been elected uncontested.

A total of 187 candidates were eligible to vote in the constituencies. Up to 14 constituencies are located in three governorates in the country.

The current parliament was elected on October 2010. It consists of 40 MPs, representing 40 constituencies.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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