Russia Vows To Stop UN From Endorsing Attack On Iran


Russia will block any UN resolution allowing military action against Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

The Russian new agency Ria Novosti quoted Lavrov saying: “As the Libyan experience has shown, sadly, a military scenario is possible,” which is why Russia will take an extremely cautious approach at the UN Security Council, the Russian minister said.

Iran - Russia Relations
Iran – Russia Relations

He added: “We will no longer allow such disingenuous interpretations. We will see to it that no resolution is open to interpretation like the one on Libya.”

The UN Security Council passed a resolution in March of 2011 to establish a no-fly zone over Libya. The resolution led to NATO’s military operation in Libya followed by the fall of Gaddafi’s regime and the Libyan leader’s murder.

The U.S. has continually stressed that in resolving the nuclear disputes with Iran, the military option has always been on the table.

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