Iran Aims To Raise Gas Exports To Turkey


An Iranian official unveiled new plans to ensure a steady supply of gas and boost the exports to Turkey within the next six months. 

Head of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Dispatching Department Mohammadreza Julaee has expounded on the results of a recent meeting with the representatives of BOTAS, the Turkish state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company, and the new decisions for an increase in the gas exports to Turkey.

According to the agreements, he said, Iran and Turkey will be coordinating plans on all technical and operational activities relating to the export of gas to Turkey within the next six months.

Julaee said the plans will include a broad range of operational projects, such as repair and maintenance, cathodic protection maintenance, covering the pipelines between the two neighbors, and renovation of a compressor station at the Bazargan border crossing.

He finally noted that Iran’s enormous gas industry is developing rapidly, adding, “Iran is known as a reliable source of gas supplies across the world. So we should recognize the importance of this position and rise to its challenges.”

With proven natural gas reserves standing at 991.6 trillion cubic feet, Iran holds the world’s second largest gas reserves after Russia.

While the production of gas in Iran has mainly been intended to meet the domestic demand, at the end of 2001, Iran began to export gas to Turkey. Besides the Turkish desire to explore the Iranian gas market, the huge natural gas resources have also attracted international energy companies worldwide.

Tasnim News Agency

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