Obama Meets With National Security Team


US President Barack Obama convened members of his national security team on Wednesday to review comprehensive domestic and international efforts to protect the American people during this holiday season.

Obama commended the continued cooperation between federal, state, and local authorities to ensure public safety and directed that all agencies maintain vigilance to ensure the US is best postured to defend the homeland and prevent attacks by individuals radicalized to violence.

The President was also briefed on recent successful military operations against Islamic State and al-Qaeda that targeted key external operations plotters.

According to the White House, Obama instructed the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community to maintain relentless pressure on terrorists seeking to harm Americans.

Obama also expressed his deep appreciation for U.S. personnel deployed around the world and the countless security personnel standing watch at the nation’s borders, ports, and facilities across the nation while their fellow Americans come together for the holidays, the White House added.

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