Iran Condemns UN New Resolution


Iran has strongly condemned a recent resolution by the UN General Assembly on the situation of human rights in the country, saying it has been adopted by the world’s major rights violators.

“Unfortunately and in line with a trend established over the past few years, a number of Western countries led by Canada and the United States have passed a resolution against Iran with political objectives and under the delusional pretext of human rights violations in the Islamic Republic,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast stated.


The fact that the anti-Iran measure was sponsored by countries which are themselves major violators of human rights proves the inefficiency of the UN human rights mechanisms and the Western states’ double standards toward the issue of human rights, Mehmanparast said.

He added that Iran has always been committed to supporting and promoting respect for its citizens under the Islamic laws and the principles of its Constitution.

Iran believes that the issue of human rights should not be misused to turn countries and civilizations against each other, Mehmanparast noted, saying that human rights must instead pave the ground for cooperation among nations and the exchange of experiences through mutual talks and respect.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has also warned Western countries that allowing extremist and terrorist groups to gain power will pose a great danger to Middle East security.

Mehmanparast said that if Western countries try to “use undemocratic methods, force, or massacre to destroy a government” their measures would increase the possibility of extremist and terrorist groups gaining power.

Referring to efforts aimed at keeping Syria unrest going, the Iranian official stated, “The result of such tensions is nothing but insecurity in the region and conflict spreading to neighboring countries including Iraq.”

Commenting on recent bombings in Iraq, Mehmanparast said, “Currently a lot of covert efforts are made in the region in order to make the region insecure so that all regional countries would be dragged into unrest.”

Describing these efforts as “Zionist-American” schemes for the region, Mehmanparast warned that insecurity in the region would inflict damages on countries that support and carry out such plots.

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