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Libya: Growing Discontent, Military On Alert In Tripoli


“The military presence in Tripoli has become more evident by the hour. There are no checkpoints, but the troops are on alert to sedate any possible unrest. There has also been an increase in exchanges of fire of various nature over the past days, as the wave of protests that erupted in Benghazi approaches also this part of Libya”, said MISNA missionary sources contacted in the Libyan capital.


The protests come amid growing criticism against the National Transition Council (NTC), accused of bad-administration of the transition phase and failing to keep promises.

The discontent and presence of loyalists of the old regime are also at the root of clashes in Bani Walid, still not under NTC control.

“The battle was sparked by youths demanding justice and the rapid reconstruction of the city, heavily damaged during the conflict”, said MISNA sources in Bani Walid. “The youths took control of an NTC base, demanding the liberation of their companions who are still detained”, added the sources.

Last Saturday an angry crowd ransacked the NTC offices in Benghazi, demanding a change of policies.

The body that headed the revolt against Muammar Gheddafi is also facing internal disputes: the various components have failed to reach accords, such as on the approval of an electoral law, which has been delayed.


The Vice-President of the NTC, Abdel Aziz Ghoga, also resigned over the past days.


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