United, We Can Effectively Oppose Russia – OpEd


Western sanctions against Moscow undoubtedly proved efficient. Situation around Ukraine exemplifies that aggressive policies of the Kremlin can be opposed merely by coordinated common policy and actions of Western countries.

North American and European support for Kyiv in the face of the Russian threat guaranteed political and economic independence of Ukraine. European democratic institutions do much in order to protect interests of the Ukrainian state. For instance, a significant economic victory was achieved in the end of 2019 when the arbitral award of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce forced Gazprom (Russian gas exporting monopolist) to pay a fine of $2,9bn to Ukraine’s company Naftogaz.

Bilateral cooperation plays an important role as well as backing Ukraine under the aegis of international organizations. Canada-Ukraine relationship is a byword of such mutually fruitful bilateral cooperation. Canada has always been one of the most trusted and close ally of the Ukrainian Nation.
Defense Cooperation Arrangement, Operation UNIFIER and National Police Support Program are essential parts of Canadian input in Ukraine’s security.

Economic support to Ukraine is a key component of Ottawa’s multifaceted aid. The Canadian government funded projects like Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance in Ukraine. The process of visa waiver for Ukrainians is afoot to boost trade and economic contacts. In return, Ukraine offers highly advantageous conditions for Canadian investors.

The Youth Mobility Agreement is designed to encourage educational and cultural exchanges. Long ago, the Ukrainian culture took its place in Canada’s mosaic of ethnic cultures. Which is why Canadians cherish the Ukrainian traditional culture and Ukrainian modern artists. On Feb. 4, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with a distinguished Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov. The political prisoner Sentsov was released from the Russian jail several months ago as a part of the prisoner-swap between Ukraine and Russia. His release became possible due to the international pressure on Russia.

This is yet another victory proving that united we stand!

*Neil Karpenko, PhD

Neil Karpenko

Neil Karpenko, PhD, Ukraine’s history and politics researcher residing in Toronto. Contributing author to Haaretz, The Hill Times and Morning Star

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